Your Apple Watch: Coming Soon
Posted on March 30, 2015

Your Apple Watch: Coming Soon

Apple has long touted the Apple Watch as the most personal product that they’ve ever made. It launches on April 24, 2015. Is this device only appropriate for geeks, or could it become a fashion statement? The gamble is out, as Appleis counting on developers to come up with ‘thousands of apps’ before launch date. The Apple Watch is the first all-new product category since iPad. Will it catch on? Will it have the same impact? The Apple Watch is the first Apple product that was designed from the very beginning to be worn. They may at first appear quite chunky, but they are reported to have a very good wrist feel. It comes in a variety of styles-to suit all personal tastes. It is Apple’s most personal and relevant up-to-date device. Because it’s worn, it’s as close as your heartbeat.

The Apple Watch, like your iPhone, is designed to keep time to within 50 milliseconds of the global time standard.  In keeping with the rest of Apple’s product line, the Apple Watch is not just like any smart watch. It is equipped with very personalized applications, and it permits the wearer to customize the watch face in a personal and relevant way that’s in sync with one’s lifestyle. It maintains a connection with your phone, receives info and other notifications such as, texts and emails, and alerts. Text messages can be detected as a gentle tap on the wrist.

Keeping track of your daily fitness goals?  The Apple Watch keeps all data right there on your wrist.  It tracks your movements and activity levels, giving you the motivation you need to get up off the sofa and into action. Over time, the watch synchronizes with your regular activity levels, and provides the wearer with real-time stats.

The Apple Watch is an innovative product that is designed not only with the technology you need, but also with the style you’ll love.  There are three different lines within the series:  the original Apple Watch line; the Sport line (for the active, on- the- go individual); and the Edition line, which comes in 18-karat gold – for a more elegant approach. That is if you are willing to pay a whopping $17,000! No matter what your personal style, there’s an Apple Watch for you starting at under $400.00.

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