Winter gardening tips from Peter Copses of Gibbs Landscape Company
Posted on January 11, 2017

Winter gardening tips from Peter Copses of Gibbs Landscape Company


Leaf Removal is in full season – raking, blowing, collecting and chopping leaves. Removing leaves from beds and under plants is very important as leaf accumulations under plants and inside of plants will harbor excessive dampness and lead to fungal problems.  Rake or blow leaves out of shrubs and dispose.  Chopping leaves with mower and bagging and hauling away or chopping and naturalizing the leaves are both acceptable methods of leaf removal.

Seasonal Color / Flower Installations are typically completed by this time but it a great time to plant your bulbs such as tulips for the spring.

Turf care for the Fall and Winter is extremely important these two months.  Fescue seedlings are growing in and will need a good nitrogen granular application over the next few weeks to keep the green in the blades.  Warm season turf; Zoysia and Bermuda lawns will need a very important pre-emergent application to prevent winter weeds and the extremely pesky Poa annua and Poa trivialis. Mowing heights on Zoysia and Bermuda lawns should be raised so that the turf will not be as stressed going into the winter months.  Zoysia lawns should be treated with a Fall fungicide application 1-2 applications to help prevent Zoysia patch in the Spring. The applications may be needed again in Spring to prevent and cure fungus.

Perennial and bed care continues.  Cutting back tired foliage from perennials, hostas and ferns.  Make sure removal of the leaves and stems are done when the plant has reached 80% browning.  Removing green leaves is not the best idea as they are still capturing light and photosynthesizing, creating much needed food for their roots through the winter months.

Installing Shrubs and Trees in The Fall and Winter is the absolute best time.  Winter is when root growth takes place and planting now assures root establishment in the landscape.  Take advantage of planting now and create that garden that you have always dreamed of or add on to your existing landscape.  Remember you will save money because you do not need to water when you plant this time of year.

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