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About the Company

The Davey Tree Expert Company, founded in 1880 in Kent Ohio, has grown into a widely acclaimed business with branches throughout North America. Today the company also distinguishes itself as being the largest employee owned business in Ohio and the seventh in the nation.

Since its founding by John Davey, the company has stayed true to its original mission which is to provide scientifically-based horticultural and environmental services with unparalleled customer service.

Although Davey Tree’s history is rooted in preserving and caring for trees, its evolution has progressed to include whole natural environments. The company’s comprehensive and scientific expertise in the areas of tree care, ecology and land management has made Davey Tree the organization most trusted by home owners, commercial landscape managers and government bodies.

From offering turn-key utility consulting solutions to environmental improvement services, such as protecting wetlands or restoring streams, Davey Tree provides its clients with the ability to preserve and protect both urban and natural environments.

The Davey Tree Expert Company traces a rich history dedicated to providing their customers with expert services grounded in professionalism and integrity. This heritage will serve the company well as it continues to grow toward its second century of success.

The Davey Tree Expert Company

The Davey Tree Expert Company
6925 Gilleland Lane NW
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