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About the Company

Artisan Custom Closets is a full-service provider of customized storage systems for your home or office. We design, manufacture, and install storage solutions to the exact specifications of your home. Designing these systems is an art, not a standard—we work to match function with form, giving our clients a system that looks good, works well, and suits their needs, budgets, and aesthetics. Our team includes designers and installers who are familiar with the Atlanta market—many have over 10 years of experience working with Atlanta homeowners, builders, and other home professionals.

Artisan Custom Closets is a part of T&R Fixtures, a locally owned and operated manufacturer of commercial fixtures. For more than 20 years, T&R Fixtures has been providing retail buildouts for large commercial projects nationwide. As a part of T&R, we can offer our clients a locally manufactured product and pricing that reflects our ability to larger buying power.

And when it comes to quality and options, we know our clients expect only the best. We provide materials for every décor and budget—basic melamines to stained hardwoods. We use only the highest grade melamines and veneers. We offer a wide array of options for door styles, trim mouldings, decorative hardware, and rod finishes, as well as a complete line of accessories to maximize one’s space—hampers, jewelry storage, baskets, tie and belt storage. We work to insure that “everything has its place.”

Artisan Custom Closets

600 Wylie Road
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