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About the Company

AquaGuard Foundation Solutions is a leading Atlanta home services contractor, specializing in basement waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation, foundation repair, concrete leveling & stabilization, and gutter system installation for the residential and commercial markets.

AquaGuard serves as the exclusive, authorized dealer in Atlanta and North Georgia for Basement Systems, Supportworks, Inc, the largest residential waterproofing and structural repair manufacturing networks in North America. AquaGuard also serves as Atlanta’s sole authorized dealer for GutterShutter, the largest and most reliable covered gutter system on the market. Through these networks, AquaGuard offers more than 30 patented products and systems – each accompanied by industry-leading warranties, in most cases for the life of the structure. AquaGuard’s robust product offerings enables it to custom-design solutions to resolve each homeowner’s specific needs, ensuring the job is done right – the FIRST time – and thus restoring peace of mind. AquaGuard has served more than 30,000 satisfied customers since its inception in 1995, and it currently repairs approximately 115 homes per week.

AquaGuard is the most award-winning contractor in the residential waterproofing, foundation repair, and concrete leveling industries. They were selected a 2019 Top 5 Cobb County Small Business of the Year, have garnered 17 consecutive Consumers Choice Awards for Basement Waterproofing or Foundation Repair, 19 straight Best Pick Report’s Best Pick for Waterproofing or Foundation Repair, numerous Home Advisor, Angie’s List & Top Pick awards, have maintained an A+ rating with the Atlanta BBB for 20 years, and perhaps its proudest accomplishment: an unprecedented 10 BBB Torch Awards for either Marketplace Ethics or Customer Service.

AquaGuard’s core purpose is to restore peace of mind to its customers, its employees, and the communities it serves through the provision of sensible solutions for waterproofing, foundation and concrete support. We are a service company with INTEGRITY, DRIVEN to redefine the contracting industry, ACCOUNTABLE to itself, its customers, and its community, SELFLESS in its pursuit to serve others. So what makes AquaGuard unique? Simply, as their internal tagline states, “With us, EVERYTHING matters.” It matters that they send honest messaging to homeowners who are frustrated or worried about a problem in their home. It matters how they answer the phone the first time someone calls. It matters that their customers are comfortable with them as a company and that those customers understand both the cause of and the solutions available to resolve the home’s specific issue. It matters that AquaGuard’s employees arrive when they say they will and actually do the work they say they will. It matters that AquaGuard stands behind that work and remains ready to help customers if needed down the road.

With AquaGuard, every single part of the customer experience matters. Can you imagine a world where customers feel completely taken care of by their contractor? A world where employees feel valued and fulfilled, knowing they are making an impact? A world where the success of the company includes serving its community? AquaGuard can. They are believers; they believe a single positive action can create a ripple of positivity, and they believe these ripples can change the world. If your home has standing water, water discoloration, wall cracks, settling or bowing walls, sinking concrete, sagging floor joists, or clogged, overflowing gutters, call AquaGuard Foundation Solutions and experience firsthand “The AquaGuard Difference”!

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AquaGuard Foundation Solutions

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