Posted on December 26, 2020

Signs You Need New Windows

Your windows are an important part of your home. Not only do they give you a great view of the outdoors, they also help protect you from the forces of nature.


You Have Water Leaks, Rot & Bugs

Poorly installed windows can result in leaks, extreme rotting and the sudden appearance of bugs in your home. Even if it was properly installed, if you didn’t maintain your homes exterior, chances are you’re going to eventually have one of these problems. Properly installed windows use a special sealant which prevents rain and other events of nature from leaking into your home. The exterior of your home is constantly exposed to rain and moisture, which will eventually cause the wood under your windows to rot. Even if you have vinyl siding, the change of temperature can cause it to warp and pop out and now the very thing which held up your windows is not doing its job. If you have a pest problem, chances are they are coming in from one of your unmaintained windows.


You Have Major Drafts In Your Home

Another reason why you should replace your windows even if they are in fairly good condition is they can cause major drafts in your home. Older windows only have one layer of glass, which isn’t very protective when it comes to the cold. Poorly insulated windows are known to cause major heat leakage, which makes your furnace work harder to maintain your preferred temperature. Modern windows offered at North Georgia Replacement Windows Inc, our Atlanta, Georgia winner for windows & door dealers, have newer window options which have two or more layers of glass. Not only do the additional layers drastically reduces drafts and heat leakage, but there are newer sealants which are used in the installation process which last longer and are much better at weather resistance than the older ones. This in the long run will save you money on your heating bill.  Schedule a consultation today. 770.888.1604


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