Why Flowers Are Always A Good Idea
Posted on January 23, 2020

You’re aware that giving flowers in general, is a gesture that every man at some point in life has done, or will do. It’s a personal and relationship preference, of course. Whether you offer a romantic bouquet once each year or have random assortments delivered to your love monthly, you’re doing it right. Today, we’ll discuss four reasons why flowers are always, and still, are a good idea.

It Will Brighten Someone’s Day

Even if your special someone isn’t interested in receiving flowers, and maybe even tells you not to buy them, it’s still a good idea. Receiving flowers, whether at home or at work, can brighten someone’s day. Consider sending them to anyone important in your life, including Mom, a favorite aunt or sibling. Flowers bring smiles to those who receive them.

Reminders of You

Consider your flower delivery gesture as a subtle reminder of you. Long after the flowers have perished, your recipient will more than likely keep the card for sentimental remembering.

Communicate Sentiments Without Saying A Word

You don’t have to engage in frequent conversations to show affection, love, and appreciation. Send a single rose as a statement of love. Or perhaps a seasonal Fall bouquet of plants and flowers, to celebrate a new season together. Say how you feel, without having to say a word.

They Deserve Flowers

Chances are, you’ve given or considered giving flowers after an argument. You don’t always need a specific reason to send an arrangement, but in your heart, you know your loved one deserves it. Even if you’re on your best behavior, a surprise delivery, for no reason, can signify just that.

Flowers are great for anniversaries, birthdays, and special occasions. They’re also ideal in hand for date night and delivered on random Tuesday for no reason at all. If you’re not sure it’s a perfect time for gifting flowers, don’t worry. It is. If you reside in the Atlanta Metro area, and looking for a great place to pick up your next bouquet, contact Consumers’ Choice Award Winner, Carithers Flowers! 

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