What to Look for in a Trustworthy Business
Posted on July 10, 2014

What to Look for in a Trustworthy Business

The average consumer feels the need to be able to trust those businesses that he/she patronizes. The loyal consumer naturally will give their business to those enterprises that make him/her feel valued and important. Trust must be earned, and accordingly, the relationship will evolve for the mutual advantage of both the retailer and consumer. The loyal consumer will often go out of their way for the exceptional deal that also involves quality customer service on the part of the company rep. Oftentimes, the consumer would rather spend a little more money at their favored business locale with the accustomed great service, than save a few dollars at a competitor which does not offer the same high level of quality interaction. Once a good relationship has been established with the committed customer, invariably word gets out, and the businesswill profit and prosper. Any business of merit must practice what they preach. The key phrases include ‘quality of product’ for a reasonable price, juxtaposed with ‘quality of service’. Once these customary and oft-repeated mottos become well established and expected by the buying public-then we have a win-win retailing/consumer experience. It takes time and dedicated perseverance for any business to hold on to the bottom line. The trust of the consumer must be earned over time. Here below are some basic guidelines for the consumer to be appraised of when trying to determine if any business merits his/her trust and patronage.

What are the company’s internal levels of trust, and how are they reflected to the customer? Do the employees believe in the company that they work for?  Is this evident in the service provided to the client, and is the good service consistent? Are the standards of quality of product and good service always in evidence? Is it readily apparent to the consumer that the customer service rep genuinely enjoys and excels providing quality service? If the interaction is half-hearted without much enthusiasm, then the consumer will choose to go elsewhere the next time. Trust and respect for the employees from the top of an organization should be in evidence at every level of the business structure. This ought to be an ingrained policy of every successful enterprise. A harmonious working environment encourages return patronage.

Transparency is crucial to business ethics. This naturally goes along with honesty and consistency. If any product is advertised as having certain characteristics and qualities for the price it is being offered at, then this is exactly what should be presented to the consumer. Anything less would be considered to be a breach of business ethics on the part of the savvy customer. The loyal consumer is most likely to patronize a businessthat immediately owns up to any perceived discrepancy between the product that is advertised, to the one being sold. Human beings make mistakes, and those that are dealt with efficiently and honestly will garner much praise. Nothing is left in doubt, and the customer will come away happy and satisfied. It is well worth the effort to ensure a positive outcome for the shopping experience. This means the company is likely to hold transparency as a common value.

Finally, the seasoned consumer will compare him/herself to others who shop at any particular locale. Do these customers hold by the same values you have? Do your fellow shoppers seem to have a similar level of esteem for the business as you have? Does the business cater to a particular demographic with which you can identify? Are the standards of the company consistent with your expectations and those of the people who are shopping around you?  The sharing of common values of a company with its target consumers contributes to an overall positive shopping adventure.

The above guidelines represent the most common strategies the consumer should expect from any respectable business. For additional consumer tips, it is highly recommended to consult  Consumers’ Choice Award which is most useful as a resource for learning more about any business in question. Only businesses of the highest caliber and standards are represented in our BLOGS. Whatever it may be that you are in the market for, you can be assured that what you read herein will provide you with the needed confidence to shop at a business with the highest standards of trustworthiness.

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