What makes a true leader?
Posted on September 26, 2013

It’s a legacy notion that true success is measured by how much money and power one amasses throughout a career.

Arianna Huffington believes otherwise and in fact calls for a new definition of success in an overview on leadership lessons given at a recent HubSpot conference.

What makes a true leader? Follow these four suggestions:

Redefine success…

To do so, leaders need to look holistically at their roles, both in the corporate world and their personal lives to bring a balance.

She also points to the fight-mentality within company culture today: Leaders attempt to inspire through metaphors such as “we are crushing it”…or “killing it.”

What’s needed, she says, is for leaders to find their calming center in order to let creativity sprout that next innovative idea.

Go beyond our space to think…

It’s imperative, then, for leaders to disconnect. Get far away from the maddening crowd and devices. Former Apple CEO, Jobs and Bill Gates to exactly that, and do so for a long stretch to open themselves up to…themselves. Once there, leaders become believers in their ideas to “create miracles and change the world.”

‘Creativity’ is not found at the burnout stage…

Huffington believes that sleep is a critical component to “great leadership.” So much so, that her offices have designated Nap Rooms, as she fervently believes that employees need to decompress and disconnect from their ongoing stresses.

What’s more, a good leader will establish expectations among employees, such as forget about answering emails after hours or over the weekend; furthermore, the competent leader has a book on the nightstand instead of the IPhone.

At times, leaders must rely on their intuition versus data…

The data may be right, but even if you’re wrong because you went with your ‘gut feeling’ you’ll still be on track to discover your potential; this, while seeing those crucial opportunities that may arise from your choices.

In short, “If you are not in touch with your intuition, you cannot be successful,” noted Huffington.

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