Posted on May 22, 2022



What is Memorial Day and What Are Some Ways To Celebrate It?

When people think about Memorial Day, they often think about the arrival of summer, full of barbecues and amazing shopping discounts. But that’s not the reason we celebrate this federal holiday; there’s a deeper meaning. Memorial Day evolved from Decoration Day, which honored the lives of soldiers who died in the Civil War. It was renamed Memorial Day in 1971 and is observed on the last Monday in May each year, honoring the brave soldiers who died while serving in the U.S. military.

It’s important to remember that this day isn’t just about celebrating or having an extra day off of school or work; it’s also about remembering the sacrifices made by our armed forces.

Ways to Honor Our Veterans

It’s a Long Weekend–Here Are Some Ways To Celebrate It

  • Have a cookout with family and friends. Spruce it up with patriotic colors, observe a moment of silence, and offer some inspirational words for the fallen
  • Attend a baseball game
  • Have a picnic
  • Decorate with red, white, and blue decor
  • Go to the park and enjoy outdoor activities like soccer, volleyball, horseshoes, or flying a kite
  • Go shopping–take advantage of the sales offered by retailer
  • Take a road trip and go sight-seeing

Take a moment this Memorial Day to reflect on the sacrifices made by our fallen military. Celebrate the official start of summer by spending time with your family and friends and enjoying the freedom that our soldiers fought so hard to protect. 



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