What is a Mudroom and Why are They So Popular?
Posted on February 4, 2015

What is a Mudroom and Why are They So Popular?

The mudroom is a multi-purpose necessity for the modern home. A well-organized mudroom can accommodate all kinds of gear that is difficult to place in other parts of the house. There will be ample room for your tennis rackets, and other assorted sports equipment, as well as the perfect place for off-season clothing storage. This important room can also double as the ideal locale for doing laundry or repotting your plants for spring. The mudroom can be equipped with a seating area for comfortably removing boots and shoes. It can serve as a cleaning- up zone before and after meals, and can also function as a pantry. Inconvenient messes can be left in the mudroom, and that means that dirt need not be tracked into the rest of the house. You can dry off the dogs before letting them traipse through the house. The mudroom is the perfect area for the family communications centre, where telephone numbers, messages, and kids’ most recent art projects can be displayed. The mudroom is the ideal space for activities not suitable for other parts of the house, and for the storage of items that are hard to place elsewhere. Adequate shelving will help maximize limited space.

Location of the mudroom The design and function of your mudroom depends on the layout of your home. The mudroom is the place which serves as the midway point between the outside world and the clean interior of your home. The mudroom is strategically located- usually off of the kitchen or garage, easily accessed via the most-used entryway into the house. In some homes, the bottom of a stairwell leading to the kitchen/living space, can be the right spot. If it’s close enough to the kitchen area, it can serve as a great pantry too.

Benefits of a mudroom A mudroom can help boost the value of your home. Besides having multi-purpose functionality, the mudroom will save you a lot of cash on cleaning costs. As a result, the life of your flooring will be significantly extended, as tracking of abrasive grit and salts will be reduced to a bare minimum. An additional benefit of the mudroom, is that it will significantly cut down on heating expenses. Conversely, during the warmer seasons, your mudroom can buffer the summer heat from the air-conditioned comfort of your home. Mudrooms are also hugely popular because they facilitate household organization. You can design the space with your storage needs in mind. For some interesting ideas and photos visit>  This Old House

Maintenance The mudroom should be designed not only to be an attractive area, but should have a high degree of functionality. The best flooring for this multi-functional room is typically constructed from tile, linoleum, or even concrete. Such floors that can easily be cleaned with a minimum of fuss, will be a time saver. Having the room equipped with a drain in the floor will make those difficult messes far easier to deal with.

Not all homes are designed with a mudroom in mind. In fact many homes do not have a specified area which can be designated as a ‘mudroom’. This oversight could be due to some flaw on the part of the architect, or it could also depend on the local climate where the home is located. A rainy or snowy climate may demand a different sort of mudroom than one required in a hot sunny zone, such as in Arizona or California. In short, the mudroom can be anything you want it to be, only limited by the size of the allocated space, and the family’s personal budgeting. For your guarantee of professional guidance in building your mudroom, please visit our site for a listing of reputable professionals at www.consumerawards.wpengine.com    

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