What Do The Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast?
Posted on November 24, 2013

What Do The Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast?

Consider what Frank Lloyd Wright and Margaret Thatcher had in common: both were early risers. Mr. Wright was up at 4 am, and Ms. Thatcher by 5 am daily. Both exemplify how early-risers are generally “more proactive and more productive.”

Moreover, such eager beavers do so because they’ve been that way most of their lives, capturing good grades throughout their schooling, and, generally, representing a smarter and more creative group of people.

What on earth are they doing before most of us are up and going by 8 am?

Getting their exercise.

Alerting the body that it’s time to WakeUp is a great way to prepare for the day; this can amount to a few sets of pushups or stretching…or making that trip to the gym. It all adds to that feeling of accomplishment at days end.

Making your plan for the day.

That includes packing a few good snacks for the office the next day! Furthermore, the early hours provide the quiet time to think about goals and To-Do lists. Time for reflection and problem solving.

‘Seeing’ is doing.

Time for meditation in the early morning light strengthens our mental health in so many ways.

More importantly, early risers will Visualize the day ahead of them: how they will solve problems and giving themselves credit for the successes they’ve achieved. It all influences one’s “mood and outlook.”

Take on the toughest task first.

Forget about early-risers shuffling their tough tasks to the bottom of their Priority List. They are eager to take on the complex and, yes, the unpleasant to-dos first off.

Why so? Mornings are generally the time when we are at are best, coming to the office with enough sleep and the energy to handle any curve balls thrown at you that day.

At the end of the day, the less difficult tasks will be a nice segue into an evening to enjoy your free time…and relax.

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