What are 6 Ways to Measure Leadership Skills?
Posted on May 1, 2014

What are 6 Ways to Measure Leadership Skills?


According to Robert Mann, author of, “The Measure of a Leader,” it’s possible to measure a person’s leadership skills. Mann developed his leadership guideposts while creating a training program for principal job candidates in the Ontario school system.

When he started this research process, he thought he would find that certain personality traits were present in many effective people. However, it turns out that leaders don’t all have the same personality type. They do, however, have specific behaviors that make them effective at swaying others. It you want to be a leader in your peer group or company, the good news is that you can learn these behaviors too; so no matter what your background is, you can become a leader.

Here are 6 Ways to Measure Leadership Skills

  1. Good Leaders Have Goals – (What is the reason you are trying to lead people? Where are you trying to take them? You have to have a clear and basic plan to communicate it to people. It also cannot be too complex or you will lose people along the way).
  2. Good Leaders Need Other People – (If your  mission is to get a neighborhood of people to sign a petition and there are only ten houses on the block, people are going to look at you sideways if you ask for help; because it’s ridiculous. It must be obvious that you need other people to achieve your goal).
  3. Good Leaders Create Strong Networks – (Good leaders understand that leading a group of people is not a one person job. You need people under you managing the tasks that you can’t manage because you either don’t have the time to do it or you don’t have the skills). Good leaders understand that every person on the team plays an important part. A leader also understands those parts intricately).
  4. Good Leaders Are Good with People – (Salespeople are often good leaders naturally because they are good with people. Crazy people have led people to do outrageous things because they are good with people. Being good with people is actually the only thing that all leaders possess that might be hard to learn. However, it’s possible to learn it if you’re determined).
  5. Good Leaders Motivate Others – (Good leaders understand that they can do nothing alone and make people feel excited to be following them or to be part of their team. Good leaders care about their team and make them feel valued when they can).
  6. Good Leaders Never Stop Learning – (In order to be an effective leader, you must understand the times you live in. Being a leader in the 1984 business world is a far cry from being a leader today. Reading what other leaders are doing; what they believe; and what they’ve been through to get where they are has never been easier than it is today; so becoming a leader in your own circle is definitely something that’s within your grasp!)

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