Volvo develops an inflatable infant Car Seat concept
Posted on May 26, 2014

Volvo develops an inflatable infant Car Seat concept

Volvo has developed a concept for an inflatable infant Car Seat. One of the more vexing problems of being a parent with small children is handling child safety seats, which tend to be heavy and bulky. However, government regulations aside, using them is a necessity if one is concerned about the safety of small children while driving them around town.

Volvo’s concept of an inflatable child safety seat may address this need, according to Gizmag. It would weigh just 11 pounds and would fit into a small backpack in its deflated state. It can be inflated with a small, internal pump in about 40 seconds. The car seat would use a drop stitch fabric used by the boating industry for strength and durability.

The advantages of an inflatable car seat are rather obvious, especially when traveling by plane or train. Parents with one or more small children are often frustrated with having to handle both infants or toddlers and bulky car seats, installing them in taxis or rented cars and then uninstalling them when the auto trip is finished.

Volvo has some experience in child safety seats since it developed the first one five decades ago. The inflatable seat, just like the first child safety seat the company produced, is rear facing.

The inflatable child safety seat, before it goes to market, will have to meet government regulations for safety. It might also run into a problem that is more of a marketing one than anything else. Parents will have to be convinced that any inflatable car seat is not going to pop, especially during a catastrophic car accident, before buying one.

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