Virtual Staging and the Realtor
Posted on March 12, 2015

Virtual Staging and the Realtor

Today, there is an increasing and growing trend of realtors to employ virtual staging in the selling of property. The trend is growing rapidly and coming into its own. There are also a large number of foreclosures now appearing on the market, which are contributing to its popularity.  Realtors find it easier to sell property this way .Today, the first place the prospective buyer looks, is at the internet. Buyers are initially attracted by the online photographs of staged homes. The graphic images help them to better visualize the space. The photos show any space/room both before and after the furnishings are digitally placed. The original photo is the one taken of the actual vacant room. A variety of styles and décor is employed for every room-thus displaying it in every possible light. The buyer is intrigued by the photos as they try to visualize the space in different modes. They become curious to visit the actual vacant space as it is now, and they are keen to schedule a showing with the realtor.


Advantages Otherwise empty rooms are digitally furnished with a few clicks here and there of the mouse. A staged property usually sells at a faster rate than the unstaged one.   Unoccupied real estate normally requires a longer period of time to sell. This is most likely due to an inherent inability many people have in visualizing an empty space. Virtual staging is an important aide in selling the home much faster. The potential buyer can now see online what any room of the property looks like-completely furnished and accessorized. There are unlimited variations in style and décor.

The virtual staging of a property, allows the realtor to stage the home digitally-thus eliminating the actual physical and time-consuming ‘grunt work’ of moving heavy furniture and furnishings that traditional home staging requires. The virtual staging eliminates costly and unneeded expenditures. This effectively reduces the length of time from listing-to-sale.


Virtual staging allows the realtor to plan creatively, with the buyer in mind.  This technology engages the buyer to emotionally connect with a property.  The technology is quite popular in the urban condo market, where the ‘curb appeal’ (the way the home appears from the outside) is irrelevant. What counts for this particular market is how the property appears room by room. Appropriate furnishings are selected to ‘fill in’ the space according to the desired décor, all based on the price of the property, its style, and location. Very often, a traditional staging consultant can assist in the virtual staging, so as to maximize the desired effect.  Of course this technology effectively eliminates the actual staging, and is cost effective for all concerned. The virtual staging transforms the entire dynamic of the sale. The cost is often included in the agent’s services.


In short, virtual staging for realtors can play a key role in marketing homes so they can sell faster. Moreover, it’s done in such a way allowing the website visitor to better appreciate what he/she is seeing before the actual visit.  Progressive real estate firms like Keller Williams Realty in Dallas, Texas, and Berkshire Hathaway Georgia Properties in Atlanta, Georgia are featured on our website by clicking on the link just highlighted above. Both of these firms have received awards for successfully implementing virtual staging in the selling of real estate.

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