Vessel Sinks Bring Elegance And Style To Your Bathroom
Posted on January 24, 2013

Vessel Sinks are a new decorating trend in bathrooms. Unlike traditional sinks which are set into cabinetry with the edge of the sink flush with the counter, vessel sinks sit on top of the counter, much like a bowl.

There are many decorating benefits to a vessel sink, one of which is the choice of shapes. Vessel sinks can be round, square, or rectangular, fitting in with the space available and personal preference.

Vessel Sinks come in a variety of materials, including wood, stone, glass, ceramic, copper, or marble. Because the sink sits above the countertop, it is more visible than a conventional sink and the choice of sink material becomes a distinctive decorating element and a focal point in the bathroom.

Installation of a vessel sink is less complicated than a conventional sink since these sinks do not require customized cutouts in the countertop, just a hole for the drain pipe.

There are several things to remember when installing and using a vessel sink:

Because the vessel sink sits above the top of the cabinet, the bathroom counter or stand needs to be lower than if you were to install a conventional sink, or the sink will be too high to use.

Since vessel sinks generally do not have pre-drilled faucet openings and since they sit very high, they require special faucet fixtures. Fixtures need to either be plumbed out of the wall or be tall enough to clear the rim of the sink. Because of the variety of shapes, sizes, and depths of vessel sinks, the faucets need to be properly aligned and placed for easy draining and to avoid splashing.

Vessel sinks do not have an overflow option, so care and attention are needed when filling the bowl with water.

Vessel Sinks are beautiful and unique. With some preplanning and correct installation, the addition of a vessel sink will bring a fresh, elegant look to your bathroom.




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