Posted on September 12, 2012

Glass blocks were originally used as telegraph insulators in 1847.

They were much smaller and thicker than structural glass blocks and were mostly used in the South Eastern area of the U.S. These were later replaced with porcelain and other insulating materials.

In the early 1900s, Europe invented a thin glass block that was supported by a grid. In 1938 structural glass blocks were manufactured and produced in the U.S by the Pittsburgh Corning Company. View a timeline – A History of Innovation. The blocks measured eight inches square by five inches in depth and would cast a greenish tint as light transmitted through it.

There are also energy efficient glass blocks that keep your space area warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer while still allowing for sunlight to enter the room.

Today’s glass blocks can be shaped in a variety of sizes; they can be curved, rounded or angled and are also offered in different textures and exciting colors and hues.

Adding a Glass block wall design to your Glass Block Bars & Partition Walls will create uniqueness to your environment.

Hermes, a company famous for its upscale hand bags and apparel had their corporate Japan headquarters Maison Hermes and upscale retail property designed by Ashihara Yoshinobu in 1966, and amongst the circus of signs and neon lights, the thin, tall but elegant building (45m long by 11m wide or 148ft long by 36ft wide) stands out like a piece of well-crafted jewelry; classical yet innovative. Its facade, made entirely of specially designed and fabricated glass block 45cm by 45cm (17in by 17in) each, is both aesthetically pleasing and technologically innovative.

Many architects and designers use glass blocks to create stunning visual effects to interior rooms and exterior structures.

Watch this educational video by Science Discovery on How It’s Made: Glass Blocks

So whatever the project large or small, remember the possibilities are endless.

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