Posted on May 25, 2021


Tips on How to Host an Awesome Pool Party

Warm weather is upon us, and people are ready to enjoy outdoor activities. What better way to enjoy your pool than to throw an epic pool party? Pools bring people together like nothing else! 

Here are a few tips to make your party the talk of the neighborhood:

Plan Ahead

  • Invitations are a must! Include details such as items they should bring (towel, bathing suit), if there’s a theme, and if it’s a kid-friendly party to avoid any confusion
  • Clean and prep your pool 
  • Designate a changing area and bathroom for your guests to use
  • Have shade spots available, so your guests aren’t overheating in the sun all-day
  • Provide plenty of seating-you don’t want your guests trying to locate a cooler to sit on, do you?
  • Set up a station with the essentials like extra towels, SPF, bug spray, and bottled water, so your guests don’t have to hunt you down for supplies 


Make it Festive

  • Take your pool party to the next level with a theme, such as a luau or the ’80s
  • Add flair with decorations, such as inflatables, string lights, and tiki torches
  • Have a fun music playlist 
  • If it’s a night party, adding colored pool lights makes a delightful impact!
  • Provide pool noodles, floats, beach balls, and interactive pool toys


Feed Your Guests 

Don’t forget the food, drinks, and utensils! 

  • Provide a variety of food, such as chips, cookies, BBQ, fruit, hot dogs, or kebabs
  • Supply bottled drinking water, as being out in the sun for hours can cause dehydration
  • Have coolers filled with ice for a variety of beverages
  • Use disposable plates, cups, and utensils to keep it clean-up friendly
  • Add some fancy drinks — it doesn’t have to be just beer and soda. Try fruit-infused waters or use a blender to make margaritas or other frozen concoctions 

The Joys of Having a Custom Pool

Swimming pool ownership is about more than pool parties. Not only does it add beauty to your outdoor living space but, it also provides:

  • Stress-relieving benefits. Swimming, aquatic therapy, and enjoying water activities can improve one’s health and happiness 
  • A central location for family time. Think of all the smiles and laughter you can share rather than gathering in front of the TV
  • Staycation anyone? Save money by staying home and enjoying the beauty and privacy of your custom pool
  • It can increase your home’s value

If you’ve ever considered having a custom pool built on your property, we suggest contacting our Atlanta award-winning builders: Artistic Pools and Atlanta Pools.  Both companies are multi-year winners of the Consumers’ Choice Award and build custom-designed luxury swimming pools. They will work with you to create the pool of your dreams!



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