This Mercedes turns up the heat — in your house among other things
Posted on January 23, 2014

According to a recent piece in Autoweek, Mercedes-Benz is forging partnerships with a number of internet companies to bring their high end vehicles into the information age. Eventually owners of Mercedes C-, E-, and S-class cars will be able to do things in and with their vehicles that had hitherto been unimagined.

For instance, a device called Digital DriveStyle will be able to read out Facebook posts and connect to “Twitter, Internet radio, Garmin-powered navigation, real-time traffic, 3D building views, and Google Street View.”

The device will also permit this Mercedes to turn up the heat — in your house. It will do this via an app that will allow one to adjust the thermostat in one’s house as one approaches it. There are more applications that will connect car with home in the works.

Another innovation being developed by Mercedes involved a connection between the car and a Pebble smartwatch, allowing one to lock and unlock doors, note how much range is left in the car, heat or cool the car (without turning it on) and find one’s car through GPS. This last application means that one need never lose their car again. It would also make stealing a Mercedes so equipped more complicated.

When the B-class Mercedes electric car becomes available, all of these tasks will eventually be accomplished via an Internet homepage with the added bonus of displaying the energy usage of one’s last drive.

Finally Digital DriveStyle will allow the driver to display Google searches on a central screen, but only when the car is in park the better to avoid too much distracted driving. Of course, once Mercedes rolls out self driving cars, likely a few years from now, distracted driving will be a thing of the past and people will be able to surf the net and do anything else they will be able to do at home to their heart’s content.

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