These 5 active seniors enjoy longer, healthier lives – and you can, too!
Posted on June 11, 2013

Scientific research has proven that active seniors enjoy longer, healthier lives.  This is great news for seniors wishing to improve their health and quality of life – just ask the members of our list of 5 incredibly active seniors!

  1. Orin O’Brien:  In 1966, Orin O’Brien became the first woman ever to join the New York Philharmonic.  Since then, she has taught at a number of prestigious universities and conservatories, including Yale University, the Peabody Institute, and the New England Conservatory.  She is now 78 years old, teaching at the Julliard School, and still playing with the New York Philharmonic.
  2. Carmen Dell’Orefice: Models nearing thirty often worry that they’re going to age out of their profession, but Carmen Dell’Orefice has never worried about that.  At age fifteen, she was on the cover of Vogue.  At age 81, she walked the runway during New York Fashion Week.
  3. Johanna Quaas: Born in a small town in what would become East Germany, Johanna Quaas competed in her first gymnastics competition in 1934, at the age of 11.  Her most recent competition was the Cottbus World Cup in 2012 – she was 86.  She’s won 11 gold medals at senior competitions, but says she keeps competing for the fun of it, not for the glory.
  4. Emilio Navarro: In 2008, in an attempt to make up for the exclusion of Negro league players based on their race, Major League Baseball held a special draft for surviving members of those leagues.  The New York Yankees drafted Emilio Navarro, who, at 102, was declared the oldest living professional baseball player.
  5. Lu Zijian: Born during the reign of the second-to-last emperor of China, Lu Zijian would live to see a century of radical change in his home nation.  At 120 years old, he is considered the oldest Chinese citizen.  In 2002, at the age of 109, he was awarded 9 Duan, which is the highest grade in the Chinese martial arts ranking system.

You don’t need to be a martial arts master or a champion gymnast to stay healthy in your old age, but staying active and maintaining your independence are important.  For healthcare options that enable you to continue living your life with the quality of life you’re used to, check out HomeReach and Interim HealthCare, both award-winning healthcare providers based in Columbus, Ohio.





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