The Traits You Need To Be Your Own Boss
Posted on March 30, 2015

The Traits You Need To Be Your Own Boss
Do you desire to free yourself of the 9-5 daily work grind? Do you wish to be a self-starter? Would you like to leave an important legacy that you could be proud of? It certainly takes a lot of perseverance, hard work, dedication, and planning, in order to be a successful entrepreneur.

Successful entrepreneurs share common traits. They know how to keep their businesses relevant by maintaining a high level of passion in their product and service. They are expert in staying focused and up-to-date with what is presently trending. The successful entrepreneur is adaptable to change, and can be innovative and flexible for the best results. The expert self-starter is up to the challenge, and is adept at promoting his/her business venture. The savvy entrepreneur knows how to maximize the impact of the social media when getting word out. In reality, there are only a few things you need to know to be an entrepreneur.

HOW DO YOU MEASURE UP? The talents and traits for success can be learned, and can become part of your repertoire. These are skills that you develop with time and effort, so as to get yourself into that winning frame of mind. Such traits will help you set relevant and timely goals, and develop expertise in strategic planning. In order to be successful in your chosen field of endeavor, you need to muster up the required set of skills. For example: if you want to excel in any given sport, you need to train and practice and develop your strengths and innate abilities. For your goals in business, the winning formula is no different.


DO WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN Take your work seriously, and maintain a consistently high level of motivation. Don’t listen to negative feedback unless it is constructive, and certainly never lend an ear to the naysayer. Trust in your own ability to do well for success.


KNOW YOUR MARKET Knowing your market means keeping your client base in focus. Respect for your customers goes without saying. It is vital to honor warranties, payment options, and being accessible at short notice. It is very important to maintain and project a professional business attitude. Make yourself known as an expert in your chosen field so that people will come to you for advice and counsel. Regularly network with other experienced business people, so as to learn the secrets of their success. Build your reputation, be consistent and reliable, and you will build your client base.

MANAGE YOUR CASH FLOW Always pay your bills in a timely fashion. Pay promptly for all important services, so that you keep your inventory relevant, and readily available in ample amounts. Keep all equipment in smooth running condition. Good service and timely feedback will also ensure that you are paid for the services that you render.

BE A NEGOTIATOR Fine tune your negotiating skills, so that all partners concerned feel that they are in a win-win situation. Know how to multitask in an organized way so that you can maximize your time and efforts. Follow up and follow through with all contacts, so as to build trusting relationships. Remember that accessibility is very important. A disappointed or frustrated client does not want to be ignored. A good negotiator knows how to smooth ruffled feathers.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT It is important to be actively involved in the community that you service. Be accessible to your community by getting involved. Involvement helps to build trust and reputation. Local charities, such as the food bank, and community events are great venues for letting folks know that you are there for them. Joining associations and various clubs will certainly increase your exposure and is a great for networking.

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