The Importance of Blogging to Your Marketing Strategy
Posted on October 19, 2015

The Importance of Blogging to Your Marketing Strategy

If you stop and think about it, people have been blogging almost as long as writing has been around. For that matter, who’s to say cave paintings and lithographs aren’t the original blogs? If people have been sharing their thoughts by making them concrete for that long, surely that says something about the importance of blogging.

The fact of the matter is that for your small business, blogging is a critical part of your marketing strategy. Your blogs allow you to raise considerations answered by your product or service, you get a broader spectrum of search engine keywords, and blogs are a force multiplier on your social media sites.

The most effective business blogs are not those most directly promotional. Raising considerations and issues related to your business niche tend to be far more effective. If you run a leadership development firm, for example, blog about the ROI of good leaders in terms of productivity and morale. Or, blog about how you learned to be a good leader from your experiences with bad leaders. However you choose to write it, have faith your customers can connect the dots between the blog subject and your services.

It’s no secret that search engines hit on key words. The more key words you can work into your blogs that tie to your business, the more likely a search is going to pop up your business. Your blog titles should be formulated with the key word concept in mind, and your blogs themselves should show some progressive development of a topic, however often you post.

When you write good relevant blogs and post them to your social media site, people who are on your page can promulgate your thoughts and connection taglines for free across a geometrically expanding web of friends and associates. That’s called free advertising on a global scale.

People like to see what your business and company are about. The products you offer are important, but by blogging in parallel with your advertising, you speak directly to your customers as if they were in your showroom, and invite them to do business on a personal level.

15 Reasons Small Business Owners Need a Blog

Small business owners need to understand the importance of blogging to remain relevant in today’s online economy. If you’re a small business owner, here are 15 reasons why you should be blogging and integrating your posts into social media.

  1. Blogging works as a fantastic marketing tool.
  2. For a small business that hasn’t yet solidified its brand, a blog is a great way to mold its image.
  3. Integrating your blog with social media puts you into your customers’ everyday lives.
  4. Consistently producing quality content can establish you as a thought leader in your field.
  5. It can help boost your website in search results, helping with market penetration.
  6. If an individual has a problem, they may find their solution on your blog. Then you have a customer.
  7. Connecting with customers on venues they frequent makes your company more approachable.
  8. A blog entry can help you gauge the response to new products and services.
  9. Consistent blogging shows consistency in business.
  10. Blogging can be more effective, and cheaper, than traditional marketing.
  11. That said, a blog can be a great complement to a larger marketing campaign.
  12. A blog can help you network with other businesses in your field.
  13. It will give you a chance to prove your mission statement.
  14. It provides an easy avenue to receive feedback from customers (and potential customers).
  15. It can present a friendly online face for your company.

The key to blogging success is consistency. You’re already an expert in your field, all you need to do is put your knowledge out there.

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