The entire world is trending in a digital direction, especially the world of job hunting.
Posted on December 4, 2013

Granted, the thought of looking for any job by searching social media sites—yes, even Craig’s List—could very well put a damper on an applicant’s expectations. After all, isn’t it true that we are constantly reminded how important first-impressions can be to a prospective employer?

Finding ways to standout from the resumes bombarding HR today…

Let’s face it. In today’s rough-and-tumble job market you certainly do not want your resume lost in the abyss where hundreds languish in the digital landscape behind Spam filters, or are deleted on a whim by an HR staffer.

The key is to find a way to market yourself that sets you apart from the masses, while showing how relevant you are for the job opening—and how savvy and comfortable you are with technology.

That’s particularly true when it comes to today’s Millennials, those born in the early 1980’s to 2000s.

For the most part, this group embraces technology because they’ve cut their digital teeth on its many offerings beginning at an early age.

Millennials push back on traditional job searches…

According to a post on the Inc website, “Hiring Millennials? Here’s What You Need to Know,”  job applicants are less likely to paste their resumes on Search Boards, or send out mass emails with the hoping of snagging an interview.

Nor are they likely to turn to a Recruiter to find them that spot.

Chasing #s !

Earlier this year, the HR people at Twitter corporate and NPR (National Public Radio) hosted a Live Chat focused on finding a job using Twitter, as noted on the Mashable website.

The idea behind the  #NPRTwitterChat was to guide job seekers on how to best use social media as a full-fledged “job search tool.”

A post on PR Daily by Lauren Pedigo, describes her success in chasing down hashtags; this, after deciding that employers like social media because that’s “where the people are.”

Pedigo refined her searches to her beloved Boston area, looking at the array of #Boston-combinations on Twitter.  Noted Pedigo:

“I created a Twitter list of these handles and religiously searched hashtags for new postings. This method led me to job postings I never would have found otherwise.”

Consider Building a Profile on Twitter…

Job seekers can use Twitter to heighten awareness about their professional contributions; furthermore, they can share industry-specific content on the Twitter platform, useful info that their peers view as meaningful.

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