The Contemporary Kitchen: What’s Trending in 2014
Posted on July 30, 2014

The Contemporary Kitchen: What’s Trending in 2014

The modern kitchen layout is designed for spaciousness, and tends to be more suited to the lifestyle of today’s family. The preference for the contemporary kitchen calls for multi-functionality and comfort. The preferred kitchen is geared for conviviality, where guests can be elegantly hosted. Family activities are highlighted in the trendy kitchen, where space is not only functional, but is maximized for convenience.

The traditional kitchen places the stove, fridge and sink next to each other in an ‘L’ formation. Current kitchen redesign and layout, offer flexibility and elegance to the kitchen. Today’s kitchen, more than that of yesteryear, is the heart of the home. The children’s zone is strategically located so that they can access drinks or food from the high-tech fridge without getting into the way of adults doing food prep around the counter or stove areas. The slick open- floor- plan concept extends into the dining spaces, and affords visual contact with the living room. This is a holistic design incorporating smart energy-efficient appliances which save on power bills. Current design features products that are ‘earth-friendly’, high-tech, and colorful. The trend now is for convenience and functionality. Whether you are looking for a cosmetic makeover to suit your modest budget, or are opting for a complete remodeling or renovation project-a green kitchen incorporating the latest trends in cabinetry, splashbacks, countertops, high performance appliances, and sink-faucet accessories can be yours. Why remodel? Perhaps there is a lack of adequate storage space, or the kitchen feels cramped. A redesign will increase your kitchen’s functionality, as well as lending it more of a trendy look. Investing in your kitchen also boosts the overall value of your home.

Countertops… Making the right choice can be a daunting endeavor. At the high end there is . This company is American owned and family run. It can help you revamp your kitchen using upscale materials such as quartz and marble. The quartz used, is mined with environmental considerations at heart. It provides a large degree of visual clarity and depth. Quartz also possesses the true beauty and elegance of natural stone. Although granite is immensely popular, it is more costly-so quartz is the way to go for the more budget conscious. The marble countertop provides your kitchen with an elegant upscale design. The materials are easy to maintain, and are heat and scratch resistant. At the lower end, are materials such as laminate countertops, which can imitate the look of stone, metal, or wood without the high cost of natural materials. Tiles made from porcelain, ceramic, and glass, are also very common, due to their being available in a wide range of styles, patterns, and textures. These materials are budget-friendly, and they are durable and easy to clean. Recycled glass is now one of the most trending eco-friendly materials that transform waste glass into stylish countertops.


Cabinetry…Wood-stained cabinets are easy to maintain, and are protected with an outer coat of polyurethane. Wood brings warmth, depth, and character, that is hard to match with other materials. Closed boxy cabinets above the countertops are losing their appeal, as they tend to take up too much space, and detract from the open-concept spaciousness that homeowners want now. Cabinets are increasingly merging with the ambient environment.  The freed up space can be used to insert eye-level, visually appealing and decorative, open forum cabinets that resemble shelving. There is a wide range of cabinetry to suit any taste and décor. A major exhibition by  …the Kitchen & bath Industry Show in January 2015 will be showcasing the latest products available for cabinetry, as well as the latest trends and technologies in current design. This trade show is a gauge for what’s trending now regarding the latest materials, products, and designs.

Backsplashes…Placed onto the wall behind the sink, stove, or countertop, the backsplash can be stylish, and at the same time, functional. The backsplash will save you time and money cleaning and painting walls, and adds color and vibrancy to your kitchen. Traditional backsplashes come in ceramic, tile or glass. High-end materials are stainless steel and granite, which can be cost prohibitive. Many synthetic materials can approximate the look and feel of natural stone or other materials. Tile backsplashes are a most common choice that are available in a wide variety of styles. They are easy to maintain, and are compatible with contemporary kitchen design. Because the backsplash installation is at eye level, it deserves the same attention as cabinetry and countertop materials. A current trend for backsplashes is to use the same material as the countertop, and maintain the continuity of the design going up the wall. Making a concrete decision can be overwhelming. One company, offers decorative ready-to-hang marble and tile backsplashes for the budget conscious.

Appliances…Today’s kitchen features high-performance appliances that are earth-friendly, high-tech, and colorful. They are designed for convenience and functionality, as well as conforming well to the open-concept kitchen. You can cook and watch TV at the same time with a multi-media ventilation hood-or watch the high-definition TV screen on your LG Electronics HDTV refrigerator. On the left side of the door, appropriately placed above the ice and water dispenser, you have a 10cm LCD weather centre. For more info about this appliance and a multitude of others, contact .

Faucets…At you can purchase a state-of–the-art Sensate touchless faucet which frees your hands and saves you time for prep and cleanup. A sensor activates the water flow. This faucet greatly diminishes the spread of germs all around the kitchen.

Earth-friendly…An excellent wood substitute suitable for cabinetry, floors, or walls, is produced from discarded stalks of sorghum plants. The fibers are heat compressed, and the result is a durable product available from Neopolitan board is produced by compressing stalks of bamboo, rendering it 2x as hard as red oak. Due to the unique processing technique, the product has a dark exotic look.

For the connoisseur today, it is de rigueur to be informed about the latest trends in the modern kitchen. The above-mentioned material with the associated links will provide you with the info you need to get a plan of action ready for the kitchen you envision.

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