The Consumers’ Choice Award has been recognized by both civic and business leaders across North America.

Civic personalities such as Mayors and Governors have been honored by the CCA for service to their constituents and have also graciously recognized our winners with speeches and letters of recognition.

Captains of American business like Ted Turner, founder of CNN and Arthur Blank, co-founder and past CEO of The Home Depot have been proud recipients of the CCA for their contributions to consumers and for business leadership.





Ted Turner

“Business Person of the Year”
Mr. Ted Turner
Vice Chairman of Time Warner
Atlanta, Georgia 2002

Mr. Ted Turner, Founder of CNN, is recognized as “Business Person of the Year” by the Consumers’ Choice Award in 2002. In his speech, Mr. Turner congratulated all the Atlanta businesses that were recognized for their award that year.


Mayor Shirley Franklin

“Business Person of the Year”
Mayor Shirley Franklin
Atlanta, Georgia 2008

Mayor Shirley Franklin was honored with a Consumers’ Choice Award for her contributions to the city of Atlanta, its citizens, and the business community.


Arthur Blank

Jeffrey Chernoff, President Consumers' Choice Award presents award for
Jeffrey Chernoff, President Consumers’ Choice Award presents award for “Business Person of the Year” to
Mr. Arthur Blank
Co-Founder and former President and CEO of the Home Depot
Atlanta, Georgia 2007

Mr. Arthur Blank, co-founder of The Home Depot and owner of the Atlanta Falcons was recognized for his contributions to the city of Atlanta with a Consumers’ Choice Award for “Business Person of the Year”.


Scott Murray

Mr. Scott Murray, Emmy Award Winner for Best Sportscaster in 2000 and 2001 Hosts the DFW Metroplex Consumers' Choice Award Gala 2011
Mr. Scott Murray, Emmy Award Winner for Best Sportscaster in 2000 and 2001 Hosts the DFW Metroplex Consumers’ Choice Award Gala 2011

Named Sportscaster of the Year 17 times by various news/media organizations, Scott Murray is a beloved Texas media/sports personality. At the 2011 Consumers’ Choice Award Gala, Mr. Murray congratulates the award winning businesses.


Governor of Texas, Rick Perry sent congratulatory letters to recent Consumers’ Choice Award winners in the Metroplex.


Former Governor of Georgia, Sonny Perdue, congratulated each of the Atlanta Consumers’ Choice Award recipients in 2007

Written Testimonials

Our most prized endorsements come from businesses that have have won the Consumers’ Choice Award. Our testimonials are from a very diverse group of people including; Marketing Directors, Medical Professionals, and owners of small to enterprise level Businesses.

Dalworth Clean

dalworth-clean-logoWe greatly appreciate the Consumers Choice Award and the dedication of the organization’s team members.. Each year the CCA brand appears to grow stronger. We are honored to have been the winner in our business category for the past decade. With all the competition out there it sure is nice to be able to point to something that really helps to distinguish us from our competition.

James Smith, President Dalworth Clean


Autoflex Leasing

autoflex-logoAutoflex Leasing has been awarded the Consumer’s Choice Award for the last 11 years running. The award is promoted in many of our commercials and we proudly display it on our website. The award provides new customers the confidence that our company will deliver great service when they choose Autoflex Leasing for their next vehicle.

-David Blassingame, Managing Partner Autoflex Leasing


North Dallas Moving and Storage

autoflex-logoConsumer Choice Awards has been great for our business.  People are looking for quality companies to handle their moving needs and this award allows them to know who to trust to get the job done right.

Brandon Morris, President North Dallas Moving and Storage



For over a decade, Texas Lending.com has been a proud winner of the Consumers’ Choice Award. This prestigious award, enhances our reputation in our business category and helps guide those seeking premier products and services in virtually every other type of business. Absolutely worth the investment to promote the award if you are looking for a competitive edge in your business space.

Gary Miller, Client Services Manager Texaslending.com


Apartment Agents

Winning the Consumer’s Choice Award is a huge honor that everyone at Apartment Agents works hard for all year. To be recognized by real consumers adds value to our brand and motivates our agents to go above and beyond for our customers.

John Cameron, President Apartment Agents


Blue Haven Pools & Spas

For years we have included the C.C.A. logo in our advertising, and we appreciate how it helps boost confidence among potential customers.

Mark Dana, General Manager Blue Haven Pools & Spas – BH DFW, Inc.


Deltan Group

deltan-group-logo-jpegBusiness to Business (B2B) companies that have won the Consumers’ Choice Award provide other businesses who seek their services an extra measure of confidence; The assurance they’ve come to the right business.

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Dobson Floors

dobsonfloorslogoConsumers have numerous options when it comes to retail shopping. The competition for customers has never been greater and consumers have become more discerning about whom they wish to do business with. A business that has earned the Consumers’ Choice Award has differentiated itself from the crowd in a meaningful way.

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Overhead Door Company of Atlanta

overhead_door-company-of-atlanta_logoWhen choosing a plumber, electrician or any other home service company, homeowners want to know who they are really dealing with. Quality, professionalism, and trust are all important considerations when choosing a service provider. The Consumers’ Choice Award helps consumers make the right choice.

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Able Roofing

ablerooflogoHome Improvement projects can be fraught with many dangers and getting scammed is one of them.

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