Take a Nod-Make your World Spin
Posted on February 19, 2015

Take a Nod-Make your World Spin

Nod is the most technologically sophisticated piece of finger wear that will soon become available on planet earth. It is a device that transforms your subtle finger or hand gestures into commands. You can watch television and switch channels, make planet earth spin on the screen as you sit in majestic comfort, read an e-book, type and email-all with a flick, a swipe, or a slow rotation of a finger or hand. It is compatible with an ever-increasing number of smart devices that use Bluetooth technology. You can use it at home, at the office, and anywhere else between these two points.

Nod is much more than a fashion statement, and infinitely more than just another fancy ornament for your digit.  Nod is an innovative communication ring that will make you believe that you are either Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or Merlin. It all depends on your age and inclinations!

About Nod Nod is the ultimate gesture control ring that permits you to have effortless communication and control of all your smart devices. You can use it for controlling the thermostat, unlocking and opening doors, or turning on the lights. It allows you to have a more connected life. It’s a ring that fits onto the index finger of either your right or left hand. As you point and move your finger, a cursor moves accordingly at whatever device you are aiming at. It comes available in twelve different sizes. It’s sort of like an air mouse pointer. It runs on a small battery that needs to be recharged on a daily basis. The outside of the ring is made of a hard, waterproof, dark plastic. Along the outer edge, there is a touch panel with tiny buttons and a bar. The circuitry is innovative. Inside the ring, there are extremely sophisticated motion sensors, made of surgical steel. There is a lot of technology fitted into a small space. Check out the links for short informative videos>http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/nod-ring-wearable-universal-remote/http://youtu.be/dy-Ac9X9oSohttp://www.techcentipede.com/i-t/bluetooth-ring/https://hellonod.com/

The ring weighs in at 2oz. It will set you back by $150.00. It will become available to the consumer in early 2015. It is also compatible with Android, iOS phones, and tablets. Nod is also a sure bet to be popular with lecture presenters, as it will render their presentation far more effective due to the phenomenal aiming accuracy of the device. Please visit www.consumerschoiceaward.com for reputable and professional establishments when seeking guidance for your electronic gadgets.

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