Successful Home Staging for the Real Estate Marketplace
Posted on July 20, 2014

Successful Home Staging for the Real Estate Marketplace

Preparing your home for resell can be a major challenge-especially if you have lived in your present residence for many years. The longer you have lived in your home, the more you have acquired. With the proper preparation and guidance, you can maximize your chances to sell at the optimum price, at the right time. The aim is to make your home as attractive and appealing as possible to the maximum number of potential buyers. You want and need to create a product that has eye appeal, and is welcoming. In other words, you want your property to stand out from the rest. Proper staging can significantly reduce the property’s listing time, and could potentially garner up to 20% more in the asking price.

The following information should be heeded for successful home staging:

Disassociation & Depersonalization: You need to take a step back and look at your home as a product to be sold. Release any emotions you may have, and regard the house as an investment for your future. Be prepared to look forward and say farewell. Remove all personal possessions that distract. Imagine the prospective buyer having their own pictures and family photos on the wall. Prepare the house to appear as neutral as possible. You want the potential buyer to focus on the best features of your home.

De-cluttering: Get rid of all excess items. Remove well-used books from bookcases, and make certain that closets and cabinets are cleared out of clutter. Whatever is not needed, either give it away, store it elsewhere, or sell it. Clean off all kitchen counter space. Less baggage creates more of a spacious feel. Dispose of furniture and fixings that detract from the home’s outstanding features. Furniture should not distract the eye of the potential buyer from the home’s best-selling attributes. Arrange the remaining furniture in a way that allows easy access around the room. The furniture of each room should showcase the function of that room. Accentuate the eye appeal of that beautiful fireplace by strategically placing furniture that leaves no doubt about the room’s function. The eye will naturally be drawn to the fireplace. A bedroom should look like a bedroom, and a den should look like a den, rather than a storage place.

Cleaning & Repairing: You want your home to appear bright, airy, and spacious. Add sparkle to your home by using environmentally friendly products. Pay special attention to kitchens and bathrooms! Kitchens and bathrooms look great with much less. Place attractive vases of flowers and bowls of fresh colorful fruit on kitchen countertops. A few well-placed cookbooks will add much charm to the kitchen. Plants can add much to the relaxing ambiance of a bathroom. Towels with ribbons and scented soaps will increase the allure.  Common living spaces should be of one neutral color, and not overwhelming to the senses. In most cases, white or pale blue work well. Bedrooms look great in simple pastel tones-such as light green. Make certain that those hardwood floors are buffed, and all windows are sparkling clean. Fix those squeaky door hinges, repair leaking faucets, and replace any worn out light bulbs and other related fixtures.

Curb Appeal:  How does the exterior of your home appear? Does the outside look properly maintained? Do you have an inviting porch? If the outside of your home lacks appeal, then it will be difficult to attract the buyer.  Large flower pots appropriately placed near the entrance will attract the visitor like flowers draw the honeybees. A clean and bright doormat is a proper welcome sign. Make sure that your green areas are well tended to. Do not forget the back yard. Some nice deck furniture could very well be the needed touch that the prospective buyer expects in any particular neighborhood. Keeping the lights on at night will be sure to have the attention of passersby.

Scrutinize: Look at your property with a neutral eye. Does it hold any emotional appeal for the viewer? Does it have any impact, or does it draw your attention in any meaningful way?  A neighbor or friend can give you his/her objective opinion. A final few touches will positively accentuate the senses. Maximize the space by showcasing unusual knickknacks in small groupings the placing of mirrors and plants add space, depth, and visual appeal to your home. A few special pieces of crystal in the display cabinet will add sparkle to the intended room. Some strategically placed pillows and baskets are those small details that are very effective. A few aromatherapy dispensers will set the tone. Proper staging creates the illusion of bigger, brighter, cleaner, and better.

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