Successful Hiring Process
Posted on October 3, 2014

The Core Competencies Required for the Successful Hiring Process

Definition of a Competency A competency is comprised of three components: knowledge, skills, and behavioral assets that are required for an acceptable job performance. Knowledge includes training and experience. Skills represent the practical technical knowledge needed for the task. Behavioral skills refer to personality traits that are a key component for successful job performance.

The Core Competencies 

Decision Making The ideal candidate can make the correct decision based on gathering and analyzing all the relevant facts. This includes good planning and organization. The potential applicant knows how to effectively set priorities.

Teamwork The candidate who is a good fit interacts well with people and works cooperatively.

Work Standards He/she can devote attention to detail and accuracy.

Motivation The applicant displays energy, enthusiasm, effort, and is self-directed and productive.

Reliability and Initiative The employee takes responsibility for his/her performance. The candidate is committed to time restraints, and delivers the work promptly. The prospective employee can take appropriate action when needed, and is innovative.

Problem Solving The employee can find creative solutions to problems.

Adaptability He/she can work well within the organization and displays flexibility when needed.

Communication and Integrity The candidate communicates concisely, clearly, and effectively. He/she is a good listener who honors confidentiality. He/she respects the policies and mission of the enterprise.

Tolerance for Stress The candidate will display resilience under duress, and can deal well with issues due to effective coping mechanisms.

Improper hiring and interview techniques that ignore the core competencies will cost the business significant loses. The recruiter should utilize application forms that reflect the differences of various positions. There is no one standard application form. The job description should describe the ideal candidate for the post, and also reflect the culture, values and company brand of the business. The goals and mission should be clearly seen by the applicant.

The company’s needs should be clearly stated at the interview. Questions the hiring manager needs to ask the candidate will address the core competencies. There will be questions asked that require the applicant to provide an example of how he/she exhibited the required competence or behavior in the past. An example question to ask could be: What measures did you take to resolve a recent problem? Rather than eliciting a simple yes or no, the recruiter can give the candidate the opportunity to air their views on various components of the job.

The successful hiring process will evaluate all the core competencies of the candidate. The process should not be rushed. Time should be taken to cross reference. This is part of the pre-screening process. The good recruiter will always follow up in a timely way, and respect the candidate, even if he/she is not hired. It isimportant to maintain the brand of the company. Following these recommendations will ensure the perfect fit for your company.

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