Successful Customer Service: Not a Program but a Partnership
Posted on October 16, 2012

Successful customer service is the Holy Grail for most businesses, small, medium, or large. Countless conference calls, meetings, white papers, and statistics have been offered up to this quest, with varying degrees of success.

While metrics and methods certainly contribute to excellence in customer service, it’s the basics that many businesses seem to overlook. Customer service, rather than a series of processes that can be applied uniformly across businesses, industries, and cultures, is actually an agreement between business owners, employees, and customers. This agreement, when properly encouraged, provides a mutually beneficial partnership where all parties benefit.

It’s important to remember all three partners when discussing ways to breakthrough to stellar customer service. Management, employees, and customers all have a stake in customer service, so the needs of all three groups should be considered.




In an ironic twist of business fate, today’s consumers have fewer and fewer expendable dollars, while simultaneously having more choices of where to spend those dollars than ever before. The successful business capitalizes on the knowledge that, quite often, the deciding factor is going to be customer service. It is the consumer’s choice, and consumers are going to go where they feel most valued.

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