Posted on September 21, 2020

“Staying In” Date Night Ideas

Do you have an anniversary coming up or are you just celebrating being together with your partner? Here are three great stay at home date night ideas for you. 

ROM-COM Movie Night


Nothing says love like a romantic comedy. Find a movie that speaks to you both. Did you meet online? If so, maybe, “Sleepless in Seattle” looks a little like the start of your relationship. Were you longtime friends before you started to date? Think about checking out, “When Harry Met Sally”. Or maybe you were complete opposites but were fortunate to have your paths cross like in the movie. “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”. Whatever the happenstance, grab some popcorn and settle in for a romantic evening together on the couch. 


Cook a Romantic Meal Together

One of the greatest advantages of having more time at home is that you can experiment with new recipes and put together a romantic dinner and dessert. Find a recipe that’s interesting to you both and add some fun dance music to your ambience. Cooking together not only feeds our bellies, it feeds our relationships.     















Paint Night

No need to go out for a date night/paint night. Grab your watercolors, put on your smock and paint at home. Looking for ideas of what to paint? Check out this site and order a paint by numbers canvas to help bring out your creativity. Remember to put out some appetizers, make yourself a cool drink and add some ambient music to help set the mood. 

















Staying home doesn’t have to be boring. Celebrate your love for one another with any of these low cost, low stress date night ideas. If you reside in the Dallas/Ft Worth area and are thinking about upgrading or maybe you’re relocating to the DFW area for employment, check out our Consumers’ Choice Award Winner, Apartment Agents they’ll help find your new home where you can begin to create new memories. 

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