Posted on January 6, 2021

For Star Trek fans Space may be the “final frontier” but for the rest of us earth-bound folks, Space is just something we always seem to run out of.

You don’t have to be a hoarder to understand the problem. People have an almost infinite desire to acquire things whether they truly need them or not. But unfortunately there’s only a finite amount of room in our homes to keep all this stuff. To compound the problem, we’re loath to throw out items we’ve paid good money for, besides you never know when hoola hoops will make a comeback.

Fortunately the Self-Storage Industry was invented, in part, to solve these dilemmas. One such business, Access Self Storage of Dallas, has come to the rescue of countless space deprived individuals and families.

Doug Hunt, owner and President of Access Self Storage, could easily write a book or two about storage issues. After more than two decades in the business, Doug has seen some pretty strange things.

With Doug’s help we’ve listed the Top Ten “Things and Reasons” people put belongings into storage. Perhaps some of them look familiar.




Top Ten Reasons Why I Need A Storage Unit


  1. My wife said I need to clean out the garage so she has a place to park her car.


  1. We’re downsizing to a smaller house, but I don’t want to throw away all my memories.


  1. I need a place to store my seasonal decorations: Christmas, Fourth of July, Ground Hog Day.


  1. My wife is getting a divorce and she wants my junk out NOW.


  1. I’m being deployed overseas and I need a place to keep my stuff until I return.


  1. I’m a small business. I need a place to keep my tools, supplies, and inventory.


  1. Here’s a picture of my new Harley. We’re heading for Sturgis this summer! (Don’t mention this to my wife just yet, okay?)


  1. My son/daughter is heading for college and will be living in the dorm. I’m storing their stuff so they can’t move back home.


  1. Your Mom is moving in with us? What are we going to do with all her stuff?


  1. I’m not getting rid of this Star Wars stuff! It’ll be worth a fortune someday!


Regardless of what your space issues are, Access Self Storage has the solution. Big stuff, small stuff, a lot of stuff, or even embarrassing stuff, Doug Hunt has a unit waiting just for you.

With 8 modern facilities conveniently located throughout the metro area Access Self Storage has the perfect solution for your storage woes and great pricing to match!

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