Simple Steps to Preparing Your Residential Pool for Summer
Posted on May 30, 2013

The summer season is nearing, and it is time for many people to get their pools in working order for a fun and healthy summer. It is prudent to take careful steps while preparing a pool for summer usage. Following these Steps to Preparing Your Residential Pool for Summer may prevent costly damage to your pool along with ensuring the greatest possible enjoyment for the season.

During this process, it is important to not drain the water completely out of your pool. It is best to avoid this because of the pool design. Without the weight of the water, the pool may be lifted out of the ground due to an excessive ground water table.

After the filtration system has been running and all the leaves and other debris have been removed it is time to check the water chemistry. Typically the pH, hardness, and chlorine are measured. Some common levels to take for consideration are:

Once these levels are set, it is time to let the pool continue to filter through. This process may take a few days or until the water is completely clear and the filter is clean.

Following these steps will help the homeowner quickly and safely get their pool ready for the summer season.

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