Simple “Holiday Party Etiquette”: Tips to follow for Home and Office parties this season.
Posted on December 13, 2013

It’s a sign of the times when our digital devices make the list of ‘dos-and-don’ts’ for holiday etiquette tips.

It’s not that we won’t be using our smartphones or tablets to capture those moments at your host’s holiday gathering, but their use shouldn’t make light of what Mark Zuckerberg’s older sister (Randi) said about someone re-posting her family’s holiday photo:

“Digital etiquette: always ask permission before posting a friend’s photo publicly. It’s not about privacy settings, it’s about human decency.”

As such, offers a few social media tips to keep us from approaching the zone of uncontrollable, digital madness this holiday season.

‘tis okay to connect, but…

…be careful about unwittingly posting party events when those not invited could be, well, hurt.

Of course, our social media accounts provide a time for sharing with family and friends, as well as re-connecting with others.

Office photos!

‘Tis the season for grand gatherings in the workplace, but make sure you have permission to post the Boss’s photo!

More on holiday office etiquette…

Find out what’s the garb of the day for the event, so you don’t show up as Santa’s helper when the memo said, “Formal.”

‘Small talk’ is in…

Come mentally armed with a few topics you can converse about. Simply make an extra effort to talk with people you may not know, or would like to know better.
Hosting a party at home? Advice from The Emily Post Institute…
“But one guest brought two others who were not invited:

Flow with it…set a couple of extra settings. And, more importantly, hold back on family potions so the new guests are taken care of.

“Do I serve the bottle of wine, or food, a guest brought as a gift for the host?”

Frankly, the answer is ‘No.’ Moreoever, it’s an unspoken rule that guests—regardless the Season—are going to be treated to whatever is on the hostess’s menu—unless it’s potluck.

Dietary concerns…

It’s always up to the guest to let the host know in advanced about any food in-tolerances.

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