Should You Allow Your Staff to Use Facebook or Twitter at Work?
Posted on November 5, 2013

Should you allow your staff to use Facebook or Twitter at work? That’s a question and philosophy still hovering over many companies where social media stigmas always prevail. There seems to be a continuing thought of social media being a mere plaything that wastes valuable employee time. You can already see evidence of this stigma through statistics reported recently on showing approximately 15% of companies blocking Twitter and 19% blocking Facebook.

Take a look at the benefits of what social media can actually do for employees if given the chance. In the long run, it can create a morale that reflects on the quality of the work you expect from your employees.

Using Social Media During Off Time

The benefit to letting employees using social media during their break time is that it has no connection to the company’s network. Whatever the employee posts on their Facebook or Twitter feed will be their own responsibility and isn’t stored on the company’s database. During breaks, employees have a right to find something that will help them relax. Social media is such a part of everyone’s lives now that many find it a stress reliever.

Obviously, some rules need to be put in place about how much social media should be used during work hours. With the ability to post in seconds, however, it doesn’t necessarily take any time if used while working on another project.

Alienating the Younger Generation

For young employees from the Generation Y and Millennial sides, social media is as essential to them as food and water. They were exposed to social media as infants, so they know how to use it wisely and efficiently without wasting time. Besides, alienating your younger work force can lead to mass desertions when you need those younger employees to provide fresh input for your company team.

Using Social Media for Staff Communication

Why not allow employees from different departments to communicate on places like Twitter? They can all convene at once on a Twitter feed and be able to tweet instantaneously to discuss a project or to get a question instantly answered. Also, private messaging on Twitter can bring on group discussions about things you don’t want seen publicly.

Using Twitter for staff communication can also save a lot of time and money not having to convene for a meeting to discuss a matter. It’s one method of balancing work and play, which is the real secret to making happier employees.

Once you have employees happily consolidating social media into their work lives, you’re going to see marked improvement in their performance.

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