Shop Small Business Saturday, November 30
Posted on November 30, 2013

Shop Small Business Saturday is on November 30 this year, and it was the fourth one held nationwide since being inaugurated in 2010. Thanks to promotions on sites like the Small Business Administration and being a promoted tweet on Twitter, it’s having a fighting chance compared to when it first began. That’s because those who grew up with the Mom and Pop store in their local towns have seen the recent continual rise of myriad corporate stores. Going into a local mall today will usually show you evidence of what’s changed from a mere 20 years ago.

Thanks to American Express starting Small Business Saturday and the above promotions, evidence shows it’s becoming a huge success. According to USA Today, sales in small businesses last year were $5.5 billion, which shows proof of how consumers prefer the smaller, independent store to the corporate landscape.

The Personalized Service Connection

The reasons for the success of Small Business Saturday seem to be obvious. There’s a level of personalized service in independent stores a corporate store just isn’t going to provide. A small business knows they need to do this in order to maintain a steady customer base that are fickle enough to head to a corporate store in an instant.

Even better, USA Today above reminds how small businesses provide many positives for local communities. Most importantly, they provide jobs in cities and towns still struggling to join in any economic recovery. Had it not been for Small Business Saturday, the small business might have become nearly extinct when you see national statistics over the last few years. In the period from 1990 up until 2009, small business sales plummeted 11% in comparison to corporate stores.

Will Small Business Saturday Save the Small Business?

With the success of Small Business Saturday, we may finally see a renaissance in the small business and a strong comeback. Part of that may come in the backlash against corporate structure and the wider knowledge in how it operates. A stigma developed that corporate stores are much colder and by the book than providing any sense of personalization or treating customers like family. With personalization being a major selling point in what customers seek out in businesses, we could even see the small business venturing back into malls again.

Even if those small business would be wedged in-between the big corporate stores, it’s going to be a sight for sore eyes for many. Because many of those independent stores go the extra mile for you in customer service, you should take the time to note them for an award. Our Consumers’ Choice Award is the perfect way to recognize those businesses in specific states.

Go to our nomination page and nominate your favorite small business this holiday season.

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