Selection Process

Award Winner Selection

The Consumers’ Choice Award is unique in that winners are not chosen by a panel of judges but by consumers themselves. Recipients of the CCA represent “Best in Class Businesses” in the quality of their service, value, professionalism and integrity. Identified winners are local businesses unless otherwise specified. Both the Business to Consumer and Business to Business Service sectors are represented.

The selection process involves four phases: Nomination, Campaigning, Voting, and Ethics Review.

  • Each year, nominations for businesses deemed worthy of the Consumers’ Choice Award originate from consumers. Nominations are accepted by phone calls made directly to the CCA or preferably, through submissions made from this website. To find out more about the nomination process, go to Nomination Process.
  • Many businesses will actively reach out to the community and ask for their vote. This campaigning effort helps to get the vote out across a broad range of award industries. The CCA promotes the voting process through a robust social media campaign. For more information about the CCA Campaign and its promotion read below Campaign.
  • Our voting process is carefully crafted to be fair and unbiased. CCA asks consumers to consider service, professionalism, value, and appearance of the business environment when casting their vote. The survey site is designed and managed by Dynata. To find out more about our voting and methodology, review Voting.
  • Before award recipients are announced an ethics review is conducted by a specially appointed panel of professionals. Based on research and thorough investigation, the independent advisory panel makes the final decision on the award status of voted businesses.

The Voting Process

The selection process involves four phases; Nomination, Campaigning, Voting, Final tabulation and Ethical Review when required.


1. Nomination


2. Campaigning

Voting Survey

3. Voting Survey

Ethics Review

4. Ethics Review


Consumers are at liberty to nominate any local company they wish to see included on the voting ballot. Know a company that provides knock-your-socks-off service? Nominate a company for the Consumers’ Choice Award!

2. Campaigning:

Local companies are welcome to campaign on their own behalf. Happy customers are often eager to support local businesses that they consider worthy of special recognition. The majority of consumers are made aware of the voting opportunity through a media campaign paid for by the organizers of the Consumers’ Choice Award. This effort includes broadcast and cable TV, plus digital marketing including social media.

3. Voting:

Upon entering the on-line voting site, consumers are asked to vote for their favorite local businesses. Respondents (B2C and B2B) may select a company already on the ballot or can select “Other” to write in the company of their choice. To Make Your Vote Count! – Visit

The voting process is open to all residents living in the counties that define each municipality. The voting period is open for approximately 8 months each year. Voting becomes most active during the campaign period which typically lasts only three weeks.

Safeguards are in place that prevent abuse of the voting process. For example; visitors can vote up to 15 times per sub-category of industry per IP address.

When certain subcategories do not have the required number of votes to select a winner the Consumers’ Choice Award® commissions a third party polling company, Survey Sampling International (SSI). SSI will call upon their respondent base to augment the voting process when and where needed.

Voters may select up to two businesses as their favorite per industry subcategory. If their favorite does not appear on the ballot they may enter the business of their choice under “Other” Voting Questionnaire:

The on-line voting questionnaire has 2 pathways; One for the general consumer and the other for business people who are interested in voting for B2B categories of business. There are 5 categories of business in the B2C sector. Each category contains subcategories of business that are of interest to consumers. The B2C categories are; Automotive, General and Specialty Services, Retail, Home Services and Home Improvement.

Respondents first identify which categories and subcategories of business they have an opinion about. Once accomplished, they can proceed to vote for their favorite businesses under each of the sub-categories identified.

For each subcategory of business respondents are asked to select their favorite business. To assist in their choice, respondents are told to base their selection on criteria such as value, professionalism, quality of service and any other elements important to their decision making process.

4. Tabulating Results and Ethics Review:

Winners in each category were the companies receiving the most votes. The collection and tabulation of data is performed by Survey Sampling International. Where there are statistical ties and/or the industry category warrants more than one recipient, there may be up to three businesses identified in a given subcategory as Consumers’ Choice Award® winners. First time winners of the CCA are reviewed by an independent advisory panel prior to officially being recognized as recipients. The decision is based on a thorough assessment that includes but is not limited to; information from regulatory bodies, on-line reviews, and customer feed-back. Assistance in this process is provided by a regulatory law firm based in Columbus, Ohio. Where there are issues regarding questionable business practices, the final decision to grant or revoke the award is the responsibility of the regulatory law firm.

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