Securing your comfort, security and reducing costs this Winter Season.
Posted on December 30, 2015

Securing your comfort, security and reducing costs this Winter Season.

Old Man Winter is now upon us, and it is definitely getting colder in most parts of the nation. As we struggle to bundle ourselves up for the elements outside, it is also very important that we prepare the inside of our homes, in order to be prepared for any eventuality. The heating system of our home is our first line of defense; accordingly, we must be ready for unpredictable and extreme weather events. Nobody wishes to be left in the dark. Rather than turning up the heat when it’s cold, there are steps the homeowner can take to minimize high energy costs. Here are some pointers on how to prepare your heating system for winter, and how to prepare for any contingency.

  1. Change Filters.  Just like the filters in your car need to be replaced, your furnace filters need to be clean in order for the system to run efficiently. Every three months, change the filters to keep the air flowing smoothly. Dirty filters can impede airflow, and add to your utility costs.
  2. Check the Vents.  If air isn’t running properly through the vents, it might be time to make sure the system has a steady smooth airflow. If the system seems to be struggling, then your heating bills may be higher than usual.
  3. Check for Fire Hazards. Remove any and all flammable objects from proximity to your furnace and water heaters.
  4. Contact one of our recognized Consumer Choice Award winners in your area to service your HVAC systems.  Winners include: A#1 Air, Inc. in Dallas, TX – Hauser Air in Cincinnati, OH – Coolray Heating & Air & RS Andrews in Atlanta, GA – Atlas Butler Heating & Cooling & Favret Heating & Cooling in Columbus, OH.

Having your furnace serviced on a regular basis by one of our reputable service agents, will ensure you of a problem-free performance. Blower doors can be checked for security, and exhaust paths should be examined. The pilot light should be checked and started up for you. Any component that might be impeded by dust buildup during the time it had not been in use should be inspected and cleaned. Get your furnace an annual ‘tune-up’ provided by a professional who will make certain that it is well-calibrated, and well-lubricated.

Some additional pointers would include having your thermostat lowered to 68 degrees. For every degree lowered between the 60-70 degree range, could save you up to 5% on your total heating costs. Reduce your hot water temperature for devices such as washing machines and hot water heaters. Seal up any leaks where cold drafts are bound to enter-such as around doors and windows. Check for where pipes or electrical wiring pass through walls. Caulk these leaks-especially in places like the bathroom or in closets. Eliminate extra expenses by keeping lights off in unoccupied spaces. Take shorter showers, and install windows that are well insulated. Wearing a sweater indoors will also help you save on costs!

Getting your furnace up and running is important to keep your family warm and content this winter. Be prepared!

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