Screen Porches Reborn – Current Trends in Screen Porch designs (interior vs. exterior)
Posted on February 28, 2013

The porch was once a standard feature on American homes. A porch was a restful place to watch the world go by while enjoying warm summer breezes, protected from the scorching sun. Screened porches offered even more protection, creating a barrier against annoying insects. Today, this staple of Americana is once again growing in popularity and currently ranks in the top three trends for home remodeling projects.

Modern screen porches are much more of an extension of the home, bringing indoor living comfort outdoors. Archadeck of Columbus offers their customers all the current trends in Screen Porch designs both interior and exterior that will make your porch into a treasured room in any season. Each screen porch is designed to tie into the home’s existing architecture, creating a seamless transition from the main structure into the porch area.

These are not the porches of yesteryear.  The old-fashioned porch has been reborn into a beautiful and functional living space that is every bit as stylish and elegant as your interior design. A small existing porch can be converted to a gracious screened in porch or you may want to custom build an addition. Whichever you choose, there are plenty of options for making your porch once of the most welcoming and comfortable areas in your home.

Because your porch is not just an outdoor space, it is a living space; you may want to incorporate certain elements that will require a source of electricity, like a television. These requirements should be discussed with your designer prior to final plans being drawn.  You may decide to build in a fireplace which can be the center of a cozy conversation area or perhaps you may want to make it an outdoor dining area.

It is easy to tie in the decor of your porch by incorporating the color scheme and style of your home. Many different styles of flooring work well on a screen porch and an outdoor rug can provide a splash of color as well as comfort underfoot. Vaulted or cathedral ceilings give the impression of more space while making a dramatic visual statement.

Whether you are looking to convert an existing porch or build an addition to your home, Archadeck of Columbus will work with you to create the ideal indoor/outdoor porch, adding space, beauty and value to your home.


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