Renewable Energy Resources
Posted on February 17, 2016

Renewable Energy Resources-A Growing Trend for Business Today

RENEWABLE ENERGY RESOURCES They can be defined as sources of energy that are environmentally friendly. They are generated from naturally forming resources such as wind, solar power, tides, and geothermal heat. Such energy resources are constantly being replenished. There is a growing trend worldwide in developing such sources of energy, and there is an increasing public awareness of the benefits of such technology. The positive impact on the environment is having an important influence on policy makers in this area. The future growth potential is virtually unlimited. With falling gas prices, many are wondering what makes renewable energy a good investment. In spite of this, the world’s leading businesses are adopting renewable energy sources to power their daily operations, and saving significant sums at the same time.

THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY America’s car industry is also moving forward with energy-saving and environmentally sound plans. Not only are more jobs being created in this vital industry, but untold millions of gallons of gasoline are not being burned. Innovative green technology is certainly giving the automobile industry a vital shot in the arm. The low cost of gasoline might make one think that renewable energy is on its way out, but that’s a shortsighted perspective at best. Just consider General Motors. Although they still produce gasoline-fueled automobiles, their plant in Texas is currently being powered by wind turbines. Recent improvements in wind technology have actually made wind resources cheaper than coal or natural gas. In fact, ten years ago, the efficiency of wind turbines was about 35%. Today, it’s up to 50%. That may not seem like much, but that’s a 42% increase in efficiency! Of course, when you talk about cars and renewable energy, it’s hard to dismiss Tesla Motors. Tesla’s solar-powered Gigafactory is expected to be entirely reliant on solar energy, producing their energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly batteries.

GOOGLE & APPLE These companies are excellent corporate citizens, leading the way for many industries. They have been leading the way, and renewable energy is no different. Clean energy makes good sense and dollars for such companies. As important global companies with a worldwide impact, they are sure to reshape the use of energy. The shift away from fossil fuels is a growing trend among important corporations. Not only is it good for the environment, but it is also proving to be an important innovative move both in the financial realm, and for public relations. When researching and investing in options such as solar and wind energy, Google and Apple aren’t just looking for environmentally friendly alternatives: they want to be sure that these technologies make good business sense, have potential for long-term significant impact, and transform industry.

UPS This global player and leader in renewable energy resources, based in Atlanta Ga is investing heavily in renewable fuels over the coming three years. This effort will make the company one of the most important users of renewable diesel-worldwide. This represents an important shift away from conventional, environmentally-damaging diesel and gasoline fuels- to alternatives. This will greatly reduce the carbon footprint of their huge fleet of vehicles.

HOUSING INDUSTRY This industry is already heavily invested in environmentally friendly energy trends. To cite just one example: solar panels are increasingly being employed for heating homes and businesses.

With climate change being a major focus of the public’s attention, good corporate citizens such as Bill Gates, and the other industries mentioned in this blog are truly leading the way to a greener future that is healthier and more sustainable. This is certainly a most positive trend that will definitely become mainstream in the near term.

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