RealEstate/’s “14 Tips” for preparing your Yard and Garden for Winter
Posted on November 13, 2012

Do you ever say ‘goodbye and good luck’ to your lawn or garden in the fall, hoping all will be well in the spring?

Evidently, Robert Frost, penned a memorable line when he ‘addressed’ his apple trees: “Good-by and keep cold,” but the tips and recommendations go much deeper on a post found on the
RealEstate/ site where a comprehensive guide offers Tips for preparing your Yard and Garden for Winter A few of the tips are summarized below:

“1. Feed that lawn!”

It may come as a surprise, but spring is not the best time to massage that yard for next year: do all you need to do in the fall. A lot has to do with the kinds of grasses you’re living with, such as “cool-season grasses.” In fact, if you live in the “desert Southwest and deep South” lawns commonly and can go without fertilizing—start by confirming what  kind of grass you’re growing in your area.

“2. Go easy on the pruning”

Think “prune-equals-growth” before you sharpen the loppers and clippers; you don’t want to give the signal to your trees and shrubs to start growing. But it’s okay to prune the dead limbs and branches. For sure, check your local cooperative folks.

“3. Don’t tuck in that vegetable garden yet.”

Did you know that some veggie plants aren’t the least bit affected by that “light evening frost” coming in? Check to see what’s good for fall planting and, most likely, you’ll be able to enjoy an autumn harvest. Lettuce and even spinach can bring a harvestable crop within 30 days after planting.

“4. Cover that plot.”

Clover: plant it as the nitrogen-rich blanket that is simple to “turn under come spring.” ‘Burlap’ makes a great winter cover, too, to keep the weeds down.

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