Presents NOT to Buy Your Wife for Christmas
Posted on December 21, 2013

Are you turning into one of those Christmas shopping procrastinators who thinks that anything practical will do as a last-minute gift for your loved ones? Before you head to your local retail store, consider your wife most of all and stop and think about which presents not to buy your wife for Christmas. Husbands frequently don’t take it seriously enough about how to shop for their wives with an astute frame of mind. A man’s definition of thoughtful is sometimes buying an item they think their wives will find practical.

It’s been determined that wives don’t want anything to do with certain items that resemble being late gifts. Take a look at what those items are so you husbands can take heed and realize how your local retail store could help you shop a little more creatively.


Despite scarves seeming to be the safest and most practical gift you can buy for your wife, the website Mommyish says to not even think about it. That’s because women have far too many scarves in their closet already they’ve worn for years and subsequently wore out. And even though it may seem thoughtful if you’re living in a freezing climate, it might send the wrong message that you want them to cover up rather than show how good they look.

Any Sort of Tools, Like Jumper Cables

As part of the “nothing practical” rule, avoid giving your wife tools of any sort. Jumper cables are one of the worst, says First Things First. You don’t want to send the message that your wife should do everything on her own without your help; even if you might think it’s declaring her independence. When you’re together, it’s only common courtesy you work with the jumper cables after a car breakdown (while out holiday shopping).

The same applies here to things like vacuum cleaners or ice scrapers. These are items you probably already have and should take turns using on a regular basis to avoid buying them out of necessity.

Diet Cookbooks or Gym Memberships

These items may be the two most egregious gifts to buy for your wife. A gift that compliments in theory usually ends up sending another message your wife won’t appreciate. Anything denoting losing weight will send the signal that you think she’s put on too much weight since you’ve been married. No matter if both of you truly have put on pounds, you don’t need to be subtle about it with your Christmas gifts.

Anything Personalized

It’s possible the most contrived gift in history is a mug or piece of jewelry that’s personalized. Anything with “The World’s Greatest Wife” or your wife’s name engraved on a necklace immediately shows you shopped beyond the 11th hour. A gift like this also shows you don’t really know your wife well enough in what she wants. It’s a priority you find those things out as a New Year resolution.

In the meantime, if you’re out shopping late, visit your local retailer. Local businesses will provide the attention needed and will most certainly serve you well when shopping late.

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