Oxford English Dictionary adds 900 new words & phrases to its 2014 quarterly addition
Posted on March 20, 2014

The Oxford English Dictionary, is over 150 years old, and is regarded as the most widely accepted authority on the English language. It contains 600,000 words along with their meaning and pronunciation. The OED is an unsurpassed source of not only current usage of English words, but also their history, referenced in classical literature and other sources.

Four times a year, the Oxford English Dictionary adds new words that have acquired the right to become officially recognized. According to Time Magazine the dictionary recently added about 900 new words and phrases. 

Some of the familiar words that have long been popular and are now in the dictionary include bathroom break, bestie, bookaholic, crap shoot, dead white male, do-over, scissor kick, and wackadoodle.

Other familiar words include:

But there are some new words that may be unfamiliar to many, these include:

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