Online security is such an important issue,
Posted on June 11, 2014

Online security is such an important issue. To be ahead of the game, make sure you have unique and hard to guess passwords. Setting up and maintaining passwords are one of the more aggravating tasks of the digital age. Most people have multiple accounts, both personal and business. The lazy way of dealing with passwords is to create a simple one that’s easy to remember and use it for all of your accounts. But that can be highly dangerous. If a hacker guesses or in some other way obtains your password, he can literally ruin your life.

On the other hand devising a series of hard to remember, hard to guess passwords can be time consuming and aggravating. This is especially true when, the inevitable takes place, you forget your password and can’t log into your accounts. Most web accounts allow you to reset your password if this happens, but again this can be tedious and taxing.

A lot of browsers, such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari will allow you to store passwords so that you can devise the hardest to guess ones imaginable but you’ll still be able to get into the sites you need to get to. However, this can open a can of worms if a hacker knows what he is doing and is able to get to your browser account. By the simple expedient of logging into your computer; they can access your password with some easy steps that are unique to each browser.

So what is the solution? One would obviously be to devise a hard to guess password and then memorize it. Another would be to turn off the password saving feature on your browser and use a third party password manager, such as KeePass, LastPass, or RoboForm that is harder to crack.

In any case, you ought to password protect your main account on your computer and set up a guest account for every visitor. This will at least add another layer of security to protect your online identity.

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