Oculus Rift Enables Virtual Reality Tours of Colleges and Universities
Posted on August 17, 2014
Oculus Rift Enables Virtual Reality Tours of Colleges and Universities

Oculus Rift is referred to as a ‘cool gadget’ by the young founder and designer- Palmer Luckey. This remarkable innovator is a virtual reality enthusiast who has designed a one- of-a-kind VR headset. He brings gaming to an entirely new 3D level which has already proven to be a game-changer-even before it hits the consumer market in 2015. Check out this exciting new technology at…  Oculus Rift – Virtual Reality Headset for Immersive 3D GamingStep into the Matrix, which has now become reality. You can now travel to places, which are just about as real as being there physically. YouVisit, is a virtual tour company which has teamed up with Oculus Rift. It is founded by a group of international students who provide Virtual Tours to colleges and universities worldwide. This service forms part of an expanding and vital segment for the recruitment of prospective students to important schools of higher learning.

The founders of YouVisit realized that there was no inexpensive alternative to visiting a distant college other than actually travelling there. Several trips to schools could involve a costly outlay of cash and time which young people are often short of. The YouVisit team created a website in 2008 which provided virtual walking tours for more than 1000 universities globally. These tours are much akin to Google Street View. Recently, they have taken the tours to Oculus Rift, which provides a high resolution 3D tour. This offers the traveler the next best option to actually visiting the school of choice. Universities are very enthusiastic about the new technology, and have engaged YouVisit’s photography team to take 360 shots of their campuses. Now the student traveler can visit a school of his/her choice, and have virtual access to dormitories, labs, libraries and other facilities accompanied by a virtual guide. Please visit their site at… YouVisit

Navigating through these tours is very natural and fluid. University Admissions Personnel have taken the Oculus Rift device to high schools for potential recruits to try out. The new technology has generated much excitement and enthusiasm, as educators realize that it is an ideal venue for promoting schools without having the need for prospective learners to travel far. Previously, freshmen and academics used the YouVisitsite tours via laptops or other mobile devices. Since September 2013, students can enjoy an immersive 3D virtual experience with the Oculus Rift headset.

Virtual Reality Technology is rendering opportunities in global education more accessible, as well as widening the option horizon for prospective students. As the resolution and fluidity become more enhanced, the ultimate aim of the technology is for a full body/mind experience. The YouVisit team envisions virtual tours to tourist destinations in the near future. The Oculus Rift device will become available to consumers in 2015 for about $350.00. At the time of printing, this technology is only available for developers. Facebook bought the Oculus Rift Company for $2b.


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