Posted on September 24, 2021

Not Just a Creamy Dip That Costs Extra! Guacamole Is 2022’s Color of the Year

It’s official–paint experts have announced Guacamole as the paint color of 2022.   

Glidden’s guacamole paint can help you recreate the green-themed design ideas seen on social media this year. There are many guac-toned paints to choose from to achieve your desired look. Green hues can feel fresh, calm, and serene, all of which sound welcome and refreshing after this past year. Paint authorities state that online searches for green paint have increased, reflecting homeowners’ needs for adding a sense of calm and wellness to their environment. 

Ways to Update Your Environment With Guacamole:

You can dress this shade up or down to achieve the look you crave. Earthy hues and elements pair wonderfully with this color. 

  • Add some zest to your kitchen. Combining the shade with light-colored cabinetry and trim can look crisp and fresh.
  • Your bedroom is your sanctuary, making guacamole and excellent color option. Light, nature-inspired colors will enhance its calming touch in the bedroom.
  • Your living room can benefit from this welcoming and tranquil shade. Pairing it with light-colored furniture, window coverings, and accents can make the space even more open and inviting. 
  • Paint your bathroom walls or even use it as an accent for a clean and fresh setting.
  • Home offices have become a necessity with the spike in working from home. The shade blends beautifully with lighter features such as desks, flooring, and metallic accents as well. 
  • For dining rooms, it looks superb with neutral and wood tones. For a more sophisticated look, you can pair it with darker, matte hues and elements. 

If you’re feeling nostalgic with memories of avocado green from the ’70s, rest assured, you can add accents from that era to guacamole green, such as rattan and macramé. 

Leave It to the Award-Winning Experts

Consumers’ Choice Award is excited to announce three of their award-winning painting contractors that can help transform your home with the power of paint: 

  • Atlanta Painting Company Family-owned and operated and multi-year Consumers Choice award winner in Atlanta, Georgia. Contact them today at 770-203-0881
  • Phillips Home Improvements     Award-winning company in the Dallas, TX.  In business for over 20 years. Call them today at 972-867-9792
  •  Colorworld Housepainting  Locally owned, award-winning company in Columbus, Ohio0 In business since 1997. Contact them today at 614-698-1125

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