Posted on July 19, 2020

Not All Florists Are Created Equal: Finding a Florist in DFW

In today’s ever-changing world, one truth remains constant:  People LOVE receiving flowers.  Ask anyone who has ever received flowers at work; flowers can turn the worst day into the brightest.  Sending flowers is a win-win; it makes both the sender and the recipient joyful. 

Finding a good florist in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex can be a daunting task. While searching through the internet, businesses can appear to own large, beautiful floral shops when in reality they are selling flowers out of their backyard.  Some “online stores” will take a percentage of the sale, and then send the order to a florist to fill. How can you find a trustworthy, reliable, brick and mortar florist who will go the extra mile to make someone’s day?

Go no further than Consumers’ Choice Awards! Businesses selected to receive the Consumers’ Choice Award are not chosen on a whim. Their selection process is lengthy and consumer-driven. Their Dallas/Fort Worth winning florist is McShan Florist

You may ask.  Aren’t flowers all the same?  Oh, dear consumer, please don’t make the mistake of asking someone who works in the floral industry such a question. If you do, please be prepared for a lengthy lesson in Floral Design 101. Flowers are delicate, precious beauties that require detailed attention. Purchasing from a florist that prioritizes quality over quantity and implements the highest standards is what sets a business apart from their competitors. McShanFlorist  ensures that every arrangement ordered is uniquely created and delivered with care. 

Send flowers to someone with a florist you can trust—a business that has relationships with superior vendors with the utmost of quality and variety of flowers. Someone who values the beauty in flowers and goes the extra mile to make sure that your sentiment is perfectly expressed. Someone who cares about the people they serve. 

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