Posted on December 29, 2021


Wimberg Landscaping Recipient of Consumers’ Choice Award for Eighth Year

Wimberg Landscaping continues to deliver on its promise to provide exceptional design and landscape services as indicated in its eighth year being named a Consumers’ Choice Award recipient.

“It makes us exceedingly proud to be the recipient of the Consumers’ Choice Award once again,” shares Wimberg Landscaping founder and president, Peter Wimberg. “The dedication we have shown to growing our clientele base by providing exceptional service has propelled us to impressive growth and achievements.” For over 42 years Wimberg Landscaping has been designing inspired landscapes throughout the Cincinnati area. In addition to design, the company offers a full spectrum of landscaping care from lawn maintenance and health to seasonal landscape work to ongoing garden care.

Since its inception, Wimberg Landscaping has grown from two employees and a truck to over 50 employees and 35 trucks. The company employs landscape designers, horticulturalists, and craftspeople who bring creativity and professionalism to every project. Wimberg Landscaping provides master plans, creative designs, and professional project management to clients throughout the greater Cincinnati area.

“We have also rededicated ourselves to education and promoting nature-friendly designs and maintenance practices, as illustrated in our promotion of pollinator gardens,” shares Peter Wimberg.

Wimberg Landscaping recently relocated their office to Milford, to accommodate for an ever-expanding employee base. As the client list grew so did the need for additional landscape professionals from maintenance experts to landscape consultants, as well as the equipment and office space to accommodate the thriving company.

“One of the benefits of our new location is our ability to develop expansive display gardens. Here, our clients experience plants and design ideas that they may want incorporated into their own landscapes. We are also able to experiment with and evaluate plants, so to offer our clients the best care and performance information possible,” explains Peter Wimberg.

“It has been an interesting, challenging, and rewarding two years as we operated during a global health crisis. The resilience of our employees and their dedication to our company’s mission allowed us to offer uninterrupted landscape design and care for our client base,” reflects Wimberg. “Receiving this recognition from the Consumers’ Choice Award is a recognition of a job well-done.”

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