New Years Resolution: High Quality Custom Closet and Storage
Posted on January 14, 2013

It seems like every year, we all make our resolutions to break bad habits, get organized, improve our health, and make the best use of our time and money. But on the list of living better, people often overlook the obvious: Our closets.

By making the investment in high quality custom closet and storage solutions, you are increasing the value of your home, utilizing your personal time to the maximum, and preserving and protecting the investment that you have made in your clothes and accessories. This is one resolution that is easy to keep!

Think about it! How much do you spend on purchasing shoes, purses, suits, dresses, ties, hats, etc.? When you invest in high quality merchandise, you expect it to wear well, last long, and look great. But how many times do your items end up on the floor, crushed on a hanger at the back of the closet, or lost completely? The item gets soiled, wrinkled, or replaced. Hear that sound???? It’s the sound of your money being sucked down the drain.

High quality custom closet and storage solutions are no longer a set of wire racks placed in a tiny crowded area. These closets are the stuff that dreams are made of. That now-cramped and messy closet becomes a luxurious area maximizing your vertical space as well as organizing your possessions. Amenities such as crown molding, glass doors, pull-out shirt drawers and velvet lined jewelry cases are just the ticket for that keeping you organized as well as turning that once neglected space into a luxury suite. You can have cubbies for your shoes, drawers for your ties, and racks to hold your belts. Your purses will be readily accessible and in sight. Do you need a place to store extra pillows and bedding? Do you need a bench that can slide away when not in use? Would you like the inside of your closet to reflect the care that you take with the rest of your house?

Whatever your needs (or desires), custom closets can help you keep that resolution(s): get organized, save money, maximize time. Now…let’s talk about using that treadmill….






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