New Trends in Cosmetic Surgery for Men
Posted on June 25, 2013

Queue the theme music for a Lifetime original movie…enter the hulking man with the chiseled features, matched in perfection only by his innate ability to know and fulfill every woman’s thoughts and desires. The script sounds like a fantasy, and probably is when compared to the everyday life of the average man. Now, let’s take a realistic look at today’s man- he is often

He is also dealing with the nagging self-doubt, irritation with facial ‘flaws’, and awareness that the face he presents to the world- clients, love interests, friends- may not be the ideal picture of what he envisions. Whether this requires non-surgical interventions like a skin care regime, non-invasive options, or a complete makeover, he needs professional advice. Building the Perfect Face: New Trends in Cosmetic Surgery for Men outlines the needs, cost, risks, and benefits that go hand-in-hand with cosmetic procedures. Leading cosmetic surgery specialists, such as Consumers’ Choice Award Winner  Columbus Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery, are partnering with men in their quest for an improved appearance and are finding great success in meeting his goals. What are men asking for?


Most popular for the face-

Most Popular for the body


What should a man look for before making a commitment?

Be safe– Make sure that the surgeon is Board Certified. Don’t take their word for it…make the necessary inquiries to ensure that they are current in their licensure. Board certification can be checked quite easily through the American Board of Medical Specialties website. You can check online or call (800) 776-2378 to inquire about a specific Plastic Surgeon.

Be smart– Ask for references from satisfied patients, colleagues in the field, look at photos of clients, and research the surgeons education and experience in the field.

Be realistic– Speak with the surgeon openly about expectations and goals, and respect the answers you receive. Remember the old adage that says “If it sounds too good to be true…”? Cosmetic surgery can produce amazing results but listen to what is being promised and be willing to admit when it sounds more than realistic.

Be prepared– Financially, Physically and Mentally. Know the costs, what the recovery time will be, and how much time will be spent away from an active lifestyle. Discuss these factors with the surgeon in order to better educate yourself.

Finally, listen to peers and those in the know…the Consumers’ Choice Award is given to businesses that consistently show that they have earned the confidence of consumers. When a consumer is looking for a partner- whether it is for cosmetic surgery or another important life venture- they know that they can rely on the Consumers’ Choice Award recipients to exemplify “The Standard You Can Trust”.

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