Moving Companies and You-What to Look Out For
Posted on July 3, 2014

Moving Companies and You-What to Look Out For

These warm summer months are the height of the moving season. In order to avoid undue stress and worry, it is most advisable to be informed of potential pitfalls and scams. You need to be aware about what to look for, so as to deal only with reputable and professional movers.

RESEARCH   The savvy consumer needs to make the necessary preparations to find out as much as possible about the moving company before signing any contract. There are certain important indicators of a company’s overall commitment to quality customer service. First of all, be wary of a mover that requires a cash deposit before the move. It is important to check websites concerning the companies you have selected. The info gleaned, can provide invaluable insight into a company. Check for proper government licensing and insurance. Do the companies belong to consumer advocacy organizations, such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB), or the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA)? Legitimate movers are required by law to provide the customer with a brochure entitled: Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move.

SCREEN COMPANY BEFOREHAND   Start off on the right foot. Don’t fall hostage to dishonest movers. Word of mouth is the best recommendation. Speak to Real Estate agents, coworkers, and friends, for their endorsements of quality service and experience. Check out the Yellow Pages. Has the company been around for at least ten years? Be certain that the address of the company is posted, and make a personal visit to their offices to verify their operations.

BEFORE SIGNING   Never rely on telephone price quotes. Professional companies are expected to visit your home in order to give you a price estimate of the move. All closets should be checked, as well as basements, yards, and other overlooked places. A personal visit by the company rep will dissipate any possible misunderstanding from the get-go, and will boost your confidence. Ask for references, and be suspicious of any low quote. This could be indicative of poor service or a scam. Once a price estimate is signed by you and the rep, this becomes your bill of lading and order for service.

FINAL PREPARATIONS   Make sure that preparations for your move are done well in advance. Thirty days are recommended. Choose a mover that is community oriented, and fulfills what was agreed upon. One such company is North Dallas Moving & Storage, which is an agent for United Van Lines. This company is family run and owned, and has a flawless record for outstanding service.  Moreover, North Dallas Moving & Storage is a 2014 Consumers’ Choice Award recipient in the category of Residential Movers for the DFW Metroplex.  Any unwanted items that you wish to donate, will be boxed and delivered to the North Texas Food Bank. This company has teamed up with the Move for Hunger network, a coast- to-coast nonprofit organization. Be careful not to fall hostage to disreputable movers. Taking a risk with any company, could end up being a very costly and unpleasant experience!

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